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Sharp pain left side shoulder and head

I get sharp pain my left side my head and my shoulders I was sleeping woke up like this should I worry

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Hi. Have you seen the doctor yet to get this checked out?

These pains can be caused by so many things. Do you still have any of the pain?

Do you have any pain coming on when chewing food? Any problems with vision?

Do you think you were sleeping in an awkward position that night?

Do you have any weakness in arms?

Best to make same day appointment with GP.

You Could also keep a diary of any pain and symptoms.



No my vision is good my arm is good everything is good I think it was just me that I slept the wrong way to pains sometimes in my head but other than that I'm good


If you woke up like this, I'll assume this is an acute problem, rather than one that built up over time. The most likely cause, as far as I can tell, would be that you slept wrong, or moved wrong in your sleep. It's possible you injured yourself the day before, but didn't feel it until morning.

Without more information about specific locations, what helps or hurts, etc, I'll give you some questions to ask the doctor (ask him/her... don't just google these!)

Possible causes could be...



Muscle strain, pull, or tear

Infection (sinus infection, URI)

Spinal stenosis

Neck injury

LEAST likely problems...


Heart attack

Spinal injury


Tick bite

Enlarged spleen

Kidney stone(s)

(Etc etc etc)

If the pain is severe, go in right away. If it's tolerable, take some ibuprofen/Aleve and wait a day or two to see if it clears up. Write down everything you feel, what hurts, how it hurts, what helps, what makes it worse, what you did just before it started, and so forth. Your doctor may order X-rays (very common) and/or other images, will probably check you over visually and physically, and if the doctor's worth anything (and some aren't), they'll ask a buttload of questions.

The key to talking to a doctor is to be specific. I can't tell you how many patients (I worked at a hospital) would simply say, "It hurts real bad," or, "I don't feel very good," without offering any other info. Many times the answer wound up being something that could have been easily diagnosed, like a sprain, infection, or an asthma attack, if only the patient offered detailed information.

Best of luck! I hope you feel better.


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