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hip pain

i had a car crash 16 years ago i snapped my hip and had it screwed and plated and was told i would need a hip at some point . my hip well somethink around there and its my bad hip been like it now for 4 mths i car,nt stand walk sit or lie for very long was thinking it was my hip getting ready to snap but the pain moves from groin to backside then down my front part of my leg the side of my leg

not sure if its a mussel tear

car,nt get to see my doctor for 3 weeks so looking how to sort some of the pain out myself till i get to the doctors

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Could be wear n tear or trapped nerve. Could also be referred pain from lower back. If your really struggling I would ask the doctor to bring your appointment forward due to the pain your in. Have you tried hot and cold packs, trigger point therapy that you can find on you tube or tens machine? Also ask at your chemist for something to help the pain while your waiting as I'm sure your not sleeping too well and when that happens the good old depression kicks in. So don't suffer in silence and give the doctor another call. Hope all goes well. X


not tryed cold pack was told not to use hot packs if it mite be mussel problem went to the chemist they gave me ibuprofen witch work for the pain for a couple of days then the pain came back


It's a Docter you need to see so that they can prescribe some stronger pain meds and hopefully refer you for mri scan etc to find out what's going on.


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