Good posture v comfort...

Hi guys,

It has been a while since i posted anything on here. It has been about a month maybe since i started falling.

(For those who dont know what causes my pain - i have OA of the hips due to hip dysplasia and Impingement of the nerves in my hips)

I have now started going back to work in a wheelchair while pottering around the house on my sticks (occasionally falling here there and everywhere).

My mother (who suffers with degenerative disc disease, OA, RA to name a few-lol) has been telling me that i need to improve my posture. This is because when i walk, i walk on the side of my feet. It is too painful to walk with them flat in the floor.

Does anyone else have this issue??

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  • I don't have this issue, but only you know how best to get around for the time being without causing more pain.

  • I walk on the inside of my feet, I didn't realise until my chiropractor noticed it. I now wear orthotics in my shoes. I have noticed a little improvement in my hip pain but not a lot. I just got an express pair of orthotics that was recommended but if you are super rich you can get measured for individual fitted ones, it could be worth a try, you need to be as stable as possible on your feet especially with oa. I have noticed I don't have such hard skin on my feet as now walking properley on the soles. They may help a bit with posture as well although pain/comfort and degeneration often dictates how we contort our bodies. Not sure how able bodied you are,I haven't tried the Alexander technique yet.......I'm working my way through 'experts' but they meant to help with posture or if you are to advanced maybe a physio or occupational therapist can offer some advice or exercises to do after spending time in your wheelchair to prevent problems. I know you have to be careful with a chiropractor with oa but sometimes they can help with advice if they can't do manipulations, I really like my chiropractor appointments.

    Wishing you the best


  • Thank you. I may ask for a referral to a chiropractor at my next appointment.

  • You need to see a podiatrist, they are the experts at feet, and they can prescribe orthotic insoles that will be able to do just the right things, and will be better than getting generic ones off the high street. I can tell when my insoles need replacing as my hips start to hurt again. You should be able to either self refer in some areas or as your GP for a referral.

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