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So afraid,pain so severe

I know this is going to sound very strange but im 62 years old and i have fibriods. Seem like some of the fibriods are pressing down on my major nerve causing me severe pain in my back,legs. Can anyone relate to this and what can i do about it all hope is gone except removing my wound. I know im not having any children but the recovery period is so long im afraid. sorry for misspelled

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Have you been told that the only alternative is to have the hysterectomy?

My Mum had a bladder repair, fibroids removed and prolapsed womb 'put back' . I think recovery was as long as hysterectomy. But she kept her womb.

We are all different though. And her surgery was a very long time ago.



Did they find the fibroids on the internal / transvaginal Ultrasound scan?


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