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Afraid it might be a Brain Tumor

So for quite a few years since 2014 I’ve been recieving headaches but small ones on the same spot of my head on the left side. I always wonder what it is. I’m sometimes nauseous. The headaches come with a weird feeling like there is something in my head. My scalp where the headaches start feels weird if I rub it, it begins to hurt. I am 16 years old now and it continues.

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Hi headaches are very common and brain tumors very rare so the odds are greatly in your favour!

The best thing is to speak to your parents and get them to take you to the doctor for investigation, You can of course go on your own if you want to.

Do you drink coffee?

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I do not drink coffee in fact I hate it

Hi Jduran, several years ago I went through the same thing I was suddenly getting very bad headaches and due to the severity I ended up seeing my doctor who got me a quick appointment for a MRI when the results came in the problem was due to arthritis in my neck and the bones were crumbling so due to that the mussels that hold the head up go up to the top of your head and as they were doing a lot of extra work was causing the headaches whilst it did nothing to remove the headaches it made me feel much better even though the doctor told me some time in the future I will most likely end up wearing a collar to support my head.

Have you been involved in and sudden strain to your neck? like in playing rough games or in a car accident where your neck was strained if so most likely it will go away on its own as it settles down.

Regards Poppy Ann

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Yes I have my neck became stuck at one point for falling down pretty bad it came back to its original form like I felt better.


Have you seen a doctor about this?

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I did in 2015 and he thought it was a swollen nerve but I have a appointment this Wednesday to tell him what’s been going on

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Did he do any investigations then? Or refer you to a Neurologist?

Let's hope he refers you for an urgent MRI scan when you see him Wednesday.

You have the option of going to A & E.

You are 16 now so I am assuming your parent / parents were with you in 2015.

I'm not sure what he means by a 'swollen nerve' was there any treatment?


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No he didn’t did not he thought that I had a swollen or pinched nerve and the symptoms should just get better but somehow they continue and yes I’m going to ask him to refer me to an MRI and there was no treatment.

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Hope you get proper care and urgent referal on Wednesday.

Remember though , whether before Wednesday or after, if you have bad pain then you can go to A&E.

Keep that in mind.

It's about time you had a diagnosis don't you think.

Is your appetite good and everything working OK apart from the head pains?

Have you had any pain or stiffness in jaw ?

Any problems with vision?

Ever had problems with sinusitis ? After a cold maybe. Have the pains ever come on after a cold?

Any constipation?

I had bad pain like this due to sinusitis in the Frontal sinuses for a lengthy time. Thankfully not anymore though. There was no treatment.

I also have had pains similar to what you describe when suffering from chronic constipaton and obstruction.

There are so many reasons for head pains

Hope you are able to relax till Wednesday and hopefully you will find out soon what is causing yours.



Do you check your temperature when the pain comes on?

What you have described sounds like a Nummular headache. I've been getting these since 1993 after I was in a car accident. The pain is very specifically localized. In my case it begins as discomfort quickly escalating into agony in an area just above my right ear that's probably about the size of a quarter. At times the pain is so bad you just don't even know how you could cope. As crazy as it sounds, cold packs and ice water worked brilliantly. I discovered this quite by accident as I had finally, after an entire night of no sleep, decided at 4 o'clock in the morning that I was going to go to the hospital and got in the shower to wash my hair. When I rinsed it with ice cold water, the pain in my head away. As time progressed, this became more effective when done in conjunction with a pain reliever, a muscle relaxer, and diazepam. With these meditations and a cold pack, it takes me about an hour and a half to get my headache to go away. Doctors may be reluctant to treat this way due to the FDA and the opioid epidemic but my doctor has known me for 18 years and I have never abused my medications. Good luck and I hope that the tests that are performed on you give you some indicative results rather than perfuming test after test after test with no answers for you.

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