Pain Management Clinic... What to expect???

Hi, it has been less than 24 hours writing on here.. but already the support recieved has been truely inspiring!! You are all amazing!!

I have my first Pain Management clinic appt on Monday i am wondering what to expect??

I can be very shy when it comes to socialising face to face.. i think it is why i like my job (i live in my preproom). which i just got notice will end in august. :(

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  • Probably the first thing to do is keep a pain diary for the remaining days.

    Then try and take a friend with you or someone who knows you well.

    The pain nurse or consultant himself will discuss your conditions, whether you have a diagnosis, how you feel etc.

    They can offer pain meds, alternative therapy - maybe acupuncture, physio, hydro therapyy and a raft of advice.

    You may be offered the management course. This is good. It teaches to manage your pain. Pacing, exercise, and again many aspects of living with chronic pain.

    Go with an open mind and understand there is no magic cure or pill.

    They may have very little to offer you due to cuts in their resources and staff.

    Good Luck and hope this helps a bit


  • Yes this is useful... never thought about keeping a pain diary. I will start that today. Thank you.


  • I spent 8 years with the pain clinic on/off.

    They put me on newer pills my Dr couldn't and even liquid morphine. S

    I tried acupuncture but didnt wo4k for me.

    The pain clinic is there to help YOU cope with pain as best as possible. Be very honest about what you want and what affects you.

    The only other thing I tried with pain clinic was 16 (yes SIXTEEN) injections direct into my spine n root nerve. Didn't work for me, but I did find out my 10 scorenjad changed, as it was lit the moat painful experience ever.

    The pain clinic closed my case a few years ago with a letter saying, I (pain specialist) will never get you pain free3, but I'll do what I can..

    Go for it and be honest.

  • Hi,

    Iv just started going to pain clinic and like yourself I posted on here with the same questions as you and I got good replies and support. Patton gives good advice. I went to pain clinic, Iv had one set of nerve blocks and will have another set in four months. I have started having Physio with the specialist women's health Physio at their hospital. I have to travel from Cumbria to Manchester for all this treatment which is costly to say the least but if it gives me any resolution it's worth it. The pain doctor is honest in what he says, he listens and I was in floods of tears the whole way through but he was still interested.

    He is going to change my meds in time . The only thing I hVe to say is I won't see him again until after my next injections so it's a case of plodding on until then .

    I hope all goes well for you

  • Thank you Baileydog for your kind words.

    I was interested in you getting spinal injections just 4 months apart though. The usual is 6 months...or used to be. Now people are having to wait up to 12 months - not because they don't need them but theatre space and resources.are non existent

    Pain consultants also worry about scarring and too many steroids etc going in.

    But...if your consultant is happy. They work. Have them!


  • He does the first one, then reviews it 3 months on and then schedules you for the next set. Unfortunately they haven't had much effect so I don't know what he will say. I had to try them because it's a case of trial and error with this condition. Also the first one is supposed to be diagnostic. It's all new to me I'm afraid. I learn as I go and I have learned such a lot here from well wishing people.

  • Ah right understand.

    My David has had them for many years with a few breaks along the way. All but 2 have worked and there was no reason why those didn't/.

    Sorry it hasn't worked but sounds like your consultant is trying to help you.


  • Yes I think he has a good reputation on this site. We can but try! That's the only way forward. They work for some and not for others. I am trying them as I thought if they worked a little even I could some day try and reduce my medication .,

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