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Chondromalacia surgery?

I was hoping for some first hand accounts.

Have you had the surgery?

Did it help?

What did the process involve?

How long was your recovery time?

I obviously have chondromalacia but I've also got cysts in the joints.

Physio helps the chondromalacia, but makes the cysts worse so I currently have to start and stop treatment.

We're wondering if surgery at the time of the cyst removal would improve QOL.

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Hi GRnads :

Yes! If your Ortho does it lapercopically, the surgery os super easy and very affective. The kek is to get into PT ASAP ; along woth ice. The PT and And calucated movement with help prevent scar tissue from forming. Now, I don't know if you arthritis. You may have some residual pain from that. However that can be maintained through exercise (!which should be easier with the surgery), Ice occasionally and nutrition :)

Hope this answered you Q

I hope feel better amd keep us posted on your upcoming surgery :)



Thanks Ash. I don't have arthritis thankfully.

I've done quite well with the issue. I've had problems since I was 9, didn't get my diagnosis until I was 20 (I'm now 23) and I'm only just starting to feel a real "need" to have it hopefully fixed properly. So far PT has helped to an extent but not as much as it possible could due to the cysts.

My only other worry is that my hypermobility will potentionally cause further issues, but that is a bridge to cross when I come to it I guess.

Hopefully with the surgery done, some of my other chronic pain problems will reduce in intensity.


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