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Pain pain pain what can I do?

Question I am recently a new diabetic but for the last couple of years I have had this terrible pain in the lower part of my back right side as I walk it pops loud and seems to be affecting the right hip. Hip is painful to move outward in word shooting pain constant. Since this started I have been incontinent of urine daytime and nighttime wetting. Never had this issue before had been a real blow to the real man inside me I am in agony allot what might it be?

Been in depends for 24/7 for two years

Please ideas help????? Thanks

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Hi sorry to hear this. I presume you have been to the doctors? What did s/he diagnose you with and what are they doing about it?


Yes, this definitely reads like something that needs follow-up and a discussion with your GP. Have you had a diagnosis? Were you assessed for the condition of your disks and any nerve compression that might be contributing to the incontinence? Have you had imaging and an assessment of your hip?


You must go to your gp and tell them about the incontinence and pain asap , dont let them fob you off better to get this checked out sooner rather than later good luck


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