Thanks English comprades!!!!!!

I realize this is a "pain site" and i am a true suffer. Even tho i havent discussed my pain in detail Just reading the back and forth chit chat has helped me no end. Sometimes i need to whine about my pain and sometimes i just love to hear true English people say what is real ....... Just hearing about the busses being late and the NHS sucking makes me home sick. Britannia rules the waves!

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  • Hi again. I didn't think Geordies suffered pain :p xx

  • We do but we just dont show it.

    Shhhhh dont tell anyone!

  • Not a word :) xx

  • I am from Massachusetts, US. I also love to hear the stories on this site. These people understand the pain and do not judge. I also love the English way of speaking. My Great Grandmother came here from England around the end of the 1800's.

  • That's a nice peice of history, my father -in-law was out in India in the days of the Raj before 1947 another bit of English History. How times have changed, but some things are still the same.

  • Some things in England never change :) :)

  • May I just point out that the UK isn't England.

  • Huh?

  • Great Britain consists of several countries not just England. Reference to the English when one means British is erroneous. Unless you are only talking about posts from people living in England as opposed to the whole of the UK.

    It is an important distinction. Have a nice day


  • I was only talking to people in England.

  • Glemily. I am very confused.

    Do tell why you were only talking to people in England. The rest of the UK has buses and the NHS. It's been a long time since Britannia ruled the waves thank goodness. We have moved on a lot since then.


  • Because i only lived in England. Ive never been to any other part of Great Britain or the U.K.

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