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Acid reflux

In reply to the acid reflux post as for some reason I can't reply to you!

I was taking omperoloze too for acid reflux before I got cfs. With the CFS I have changed my diet to nothing processed and I am eating good protein, wholemeal foods and lots of veg and fruit. i'm not eating any junk. No crisps, sweet stuff etc. No chocolate😩

Since I have been eating like this my reflux acid has mostly gone and I'm not needing to take the medicine. I am still sleeping with The top third of my bed raised.

Just thought you might find that interesting.

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Hi Rose

I had this reflux for a while and yes it does work and I'm glad your sleeping well. Unfortunately for myself, I can no longer lay down at all as my spine as now curved and when sitting down, if I have not got up legs raised, I have a continuous Basel drip, acid burning both my nose and mouth, otherwise I have no heartburn etc with it. My GP gave me Gaviston (sorry about the spelling) by you now the one I mean, but it don't do nothing

I'm glad your feeling much better.

Kinds regards



Sorry to hear that. the acid burn is so horrid 😞

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Hi Rose,

Yes it's horrid, but I'm still trying different things without interfering with my other medications.

Good luck

Thanks for your reply


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