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Temporal bone problem

Hi! Im Ruby 17 years old. I don't know where communities i will wrote this, so i just wrote it there. So i will gonna start. In the past few days i recognize that my facial bone is lock and its called temporal bone. (Because i searched it on the google) So it started when i woke up last time in the morning. So i started opening my mouth and i can't open it widely i feel that it gets lock. And then every time passes by, theres nothing change. Everyday its always like that, and it feels like my temporal bone i can move it both sides but the left side it's the one that gets lock when im trying to open my mouth. Everytime i open widely my mouth, my temporal bones sound likes clicking, popping. But its not painful. And wait its called temporomandibular bone beacuse i searched it and it matches the symptoms i have. My neck and lower back is in chronic pain also. I don't know if its connected to the pain in my lower back and neck because its been years i really have a chronic pain in my lower back. I dont know if its arthritis or what. thats why i need some opinions here thats why i joined here. I am really worried. I feel like im too young for all this pain, problem in my body. Were only poor we cant afford to go for a checkup. I hope you all guys can help me. Thankyousomuch.

- need some opinions. Mwaah! Godbless.

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It can be worrying when something like this crops up and you don't know what it is. But just because you don't know what it is doesn't mean to say that it is something bad.

It is unlikely that you have arthritis, but there are some other things that it could be. Sometimes wisdom teeth can affect the joint if they are in a difficult position and trying to get out. Also some people have looser joints than others, because of the way the tendons are or because of the way the bones are. Do you see your dentist regularly? They would be able to help with finding out what is going on.

If you can't see your dentist go and see a GP because without knowing about all the different possibilities and being able to examine you, we can't really tell.

I had a similar problem when I was your age and it was my wisdom teeth. They were removed, and my surgeon that did it said to try not to force my jaw into the position where it felt like it was coming out of the joint and it would be fine. He was right, I never had trouble with it again!

So try not to worry, worry only makes pain more painful!


Ahm, i search the symptoms about wisdom tooth and its not matches my symptoms. I think its temporomandibular bone syndrome because it really matches my symptoms when i read about it. Anyway thankyou for your responce. Godbless! ☺


Hi hi, sorry that you have got all those unexplained problems. Have you ever googled "Ehlers Danlos syndrome (hypermobility)? Have a look and see if you recognise yourself in any of those symptoms? Most doctor will miss this condition. Best wishes and hope you find some answers soon 😊


Thankyou for your concern. Hm i do what you says, i searched it but its not matches my symptoms. Thanks. Godbless! ☺


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