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Painful wrists and ankles

Hi, I am very concerned about my 30 year old son who has recently started to experience pain and 'cracking' in both his wrists and ankles. He has a very physical job and it is causing him difficulty. He is reluctant to go to the doctor at the moment as he is due to start a new job shortly and doesn't want a health issue on his record before receiving a signed contract. I appreciate that he is an adult but sure all the mums out there understand that you never stop worrying about your children whatever their age! Can anyone help please?

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Yes, a mum's job of worrying is never done!

Because these joints are complicated with lots of bones and tendons, it is really only a doctor that can say what is going on. If it is interfering with his job and he his new job is similar, then wouldn't it also be a problem if he didn't disclose this? Tricky situation but if it is causing problems then he really should see a doctor just to make sure that what he is doing isn't making things worse.


Thanks, tried to tell him this but of course can only advise!

Also forgot to mention that he has been a vegetarian for about two years and a vegan for the last six months. Have wondered if a mineral or vitamin deficiency could be the cause.


Sometimes vegans can be short of Vitamin B12 and that can a variety of symptoms. Here is a good explanation of that: nhs.uk/Conditions/Anaemia-v...


Thanks, interesting reading. I know he does take some supplements so need to check this out.


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