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Does anyone have these symptoms

In bed or sat down pain subsides

Put feet to ground then in excruciating pain having to use frame to get to the bathroom etc

Then I have to go back and sit on bed to relieve pain

The pain is in buttocks and behind knees

I know I have back problems but for the last in the I have been unable to walk I can go a little way with frame although still in pain

This isint anything to do with pmr

Thank you hope someone can help

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Have you seen anyone about this pain? Sometimes we can have referred pain where what is causing the pain in one area produces the pain in another area. So even if the problems in your back are the cause of the pain, it might be that you are feeling that pain further down the system. Without a health professional assessing the situation it is pretty hard to tell where the pain is coming from or what can be done about it.


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