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Medical Marijuana

Here in the USA we are finally legally able to use marijuana for medical purposes. The authorities have finally decided to stop burning it and make some money off of it. And help some pain sufferers. I got approved by a doctor and completed my online registration yesterday. I am allowed 5 ounces every 30 days of all types of smoke, oil, candies, cbd oil, etc. I pray I can start to withdraw from Lyrica, baclofen, celexa, alprazolam and all other toxins I have been living on for 10 years. I would love to hear from anyone who would like to share their marijuana story. God bless to all pain sufferers!

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Alas here in the UK all cannabis is illegal Also the cannabis here on the streets is not medical grade - it is much stronger and is bred to produce a psychoactive high. It has so many psychoactive elements to it that there have been huge increases in psychosis in people who use cannabis in the UK and legalisation is a long long way off. It will take a lot more positive research in the UK into cannabis and how cannabinoids can be used medically. The good news is that I believe more than one pharmaceutical company is carrying out research into cannabinoids for pain relief without the high and the resulting psychosis risk.


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