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Neck pain

I've tried paracetamol and Ibuprofen for my neck pain what else could anyone recommend Thankyou.

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i have neuralgia in my neck. I get a burning, stabbing creeping pain that travels. At times it feels that I have been stabbed and left with a gaping wound. I use a wrap around heating pad and Ben Gay, a rubbing ointment to tame it. It never goes away permanently, but these methods do help. If you can't get Ben Gay, any OTC pain cream should help. Good luck!


See a chiropractor to check for muscle cramps.

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I see an osteopath for my neck. They are more gentle that chiropractic treatment.


Do you have fibromyalgia?


I use a microwave hottie Aloe Heat Lotion and 500mg Naproxen which helps when it really flares up. I also see an Osteopath x


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