hi, im a newbie here, but I would like to ask some advice about my problem, im tom, I want people around me to see that im hurting, I want them to see that im not okay, I want them to see that I also wanted to be treated like a princess, to feel so special but the problem is they don't, I don't know if Im just good on hiding what I really feel (because I'm afraid that they got disappointed about me, and I may not reach their expectations )or they just dont care. I feel so worthless, I feel like I'm just a thing that after being used becomes a trash. please help me , I tired of shedding tears every night alone in my room.

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  • How sad to feel that alone you really need some support from someone there must be nothing worse than feeling like this try and think positive I know that's probaly hard right now but everyone feels alone sometime in there life especially if you don't have anyone to turn too good luck

  • M

    You have joined a bunch of people, who do understand, who do care, who do listen and who do not think you are worthless.



  • Trash??!!! Worthless???!!! YOU WERE CREATED BY A LOVING AND CARING GOD, WHOSE SON DIED FOR YOU! I know life can be disappointing. But, you see, if you accept Jesus into your life, you ARE a Princess, the daughter of a King. This all probably sounds very pious, but doesn't make it any less true.

    Dear Mashaket, I wonder if you've been to your doctor about how you're feeling? Are you in physical pain as well as emotional?

    Do you have any family support?

    As another contributer has said, do keep in touch. We're here to offer some support.

  • Hiya m.

    Please don't feel that you are worthless, because everyone is worth something. Is there nobody you can open upto. If you don't mind me asking (tell me to mind my own business if u want) what's causing you so much distress?

    I'm here if you want to chat or rant I don't mind. .u can personally message me if you like. But please dont feel alone as we are all here.

    Take care debbs. 😃

  • I think about it, thank you

  • Hi Mashaket, what happened to you????? How long ago did it happen? Feeling the way you do makes me think that you need to have a talk to your doctor about these symptoms you eloquently describe. Sometimes you have symptoms and feelings that are out side of your body. That make you feel unwanted and unloved and you cry a lot. Loneliness is a very common problem in this so called civil society. It affects all walks of life and ages, colours and creeds, nobody on this earth is safe from loneliness

    It might be what a person has said to you or you have over heard a conversation and you might have only caught the first bit, the middle bit or the final bit to that conversation. Your thoughts work overtime trying to put the other pieces that you did not hear into perspective. It's like Chinese Whispers. It starts off with the first person saying one thing and as it gets to the end it has completely changed in every way possible. That is the way a person thinks when they are at rock bottom with low self-esteem and self-worth. You then feel the pain of what has happened in a physical way. Unexplained pains in the tummy or head, a tightness in the chest and breathing quicker, your muscles ache and you feel really tired. They are there because the way your mind is jumbles and all of those feelings and thoughts together and it seems that you cannot get out of that spiral. Something might trigger this and it is for you to look for the triggers and then you can change the way you are thinking, from a negative response to a positive response, but to know the 5 easy steps to do this you need the help of a professional.

    The problem and the way you are feeling will slowly get better when you have been shown why the mind works in this way. As I said earlier make an appointment to see your GP or physician if you are in the States. If you in crisis you can get someone to speak to you immediately on the website ( There is a link on the page to a person who is trained to help you and give you all the time you need. Remember Mashaket this will not go away on its own, and you might need to take some medication or you might need specialist counselling. If there is any form of abuse that you have suffered, you need help NOW. Many organisations also have trained counsellors specialising in all forms of abuse. If this is the case please, please do it now. Good luck and take care. We are also always here for you too, your new friend Oldman1952

  • (((((( Hugs ))))))

  • gosh, im crying right now knowing that I shared my story to someone that is willing to listen without being judged, thank you so much everyone for your advice it help me a lot, by the way, I am not able to see a doctor for me to be checked because I don't have any money in my pocket that can afford a check up. so im so thankfull that you are here to help me, thank you so much I really appreciate it :)

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