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Flank pain


I am new and wanted advice on the reoccurring pain I keep getting. I had an ultrasound scan about six months ago to check everything was alright with my ovaries. Everything came back as normal even though at the time the nurse said my right ovary was slightly enlarged. She said it was likely due to my menstrual cycle. I have started having continued pain in my right side at the front pelvic area and flank area. This has been ongoing for nearly four months and I now have pain in my left flank area (last month). At first I thought it was pain due to the egg being released, so that's why I have monitored the symptoms over a number of months to see if the pain moved from one side of the body to the other.

There is a family history of ovarian and breast cancer but I'd have thought this would have been found during the recent ultrasound.

Many thanks for any advice or ideas.

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Hi RCBW I noticed that no one has replied to you yet so I take it that no one can give you any advice. Has your GP done any blood tests etc and have you told him/her about your concerns regarding cancer? Have you put on weight around your stomach area? Ask your Docter to investigate more as your still in pain and not dealing with it very well. Don't let them fob you off and keep pushing until you get some answers. Try not to get too stressed while your waiting as that on its own can make pain worse. Let us know how you get on as there may be someone on here that's been through the same. X


Thank you for the advice.


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