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Shoulder Surgery

Hi all had a long overdue surgery Thursday 9th on my left shoulder.Question, is I been told for awhile now my shoulder has bad arthritis in need of replacement but too young still the horrible pain lack of ability to move the arm or lift it very much was told in MRI just arthritis they went in to clean it up said it would help. found out I had a bicep tendon complete tear and rotator cuff tear how can this be missed. How common is this? I was made to feel bad about myself and pain tolerance cause this. Anyone else have this ?

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Dear Ladyragsdale, I feel that you have been very unlucky. That should naver have happened. Last year, I had aREVERSE total replacement of the right shoulder, because of avascular necrosis (steroid induced). tendons damaged, so a normal replacement was not enough. Now my left shows severe arthritis, but tendons O.K.so I will be having a normal replacement.

Will you be needing another op? Has the surgeon mentioned Reverse Replacement? Are you still in a lot of pain?

Please keep in touch to hear how you are getting along. Joan.

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the sergeant says m going to need more surgery. He wants it replaced but Im too young so this is my road. The pain has been great much more than my other surgeries.


Hi ladyragsdale I feel for you. I've had 3 shoulder operations. My right was very successful. My left not so. Two ops and may need another. I had shoulder impingement surgery then I waited too long after developing adhesive capsulitis for another operation. My tendon was in a mess the surgeon cut the tendon causing an arm like Popeye. (Tenotomy) I have to decide if I want it reattaching as I'm in sooo much pain with no strength. I need my shoulders to walk as I am an amputee. I've been stuck in my wheelchair since October. Not able to use my crutches. I wished I'd been told that I may have that tenotomy. Good luck


yes Im not looking forward to it. said going to need many surgeries why cant I just get thngs done


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