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Help with dizziness (vertigo)


For many years now I have been walking into walls, due to dizziness affecting my balance. I have also had the horrid nausea the goes with dizziness. This seems to stem from my spinal injuries, neuralgia and migraines.

Via Facebook I found info on an American doctor, who has come up with a manoeuvre which can help with dizziness. I tried this myself. I couldn't do the full extent of bending (spinal injury), but even so, it has reduced my dizzy spells. I am going to repeat this to keep the dizziness and nausea reduced.

Here's a link to the YouTube presentation........I think? v=p1NVrGkBTjs

If the link doesn't work, Google Dr. Carol Foster MD.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Catherine.

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Check out exercises for labyrinthitis!


Hi Catmag and Disc, if it has been going on for four years you could do with seeing an ENT specialist. Labyrinthitis is a common problem with the cochlear, the semi-circular canals of the hearing system but normally comes and goes as with an infection. There might be a similar but slightly different problem. Do you suffer from tinnitus, ringing in the ears, the room spins when you put your head on the pillow at night or go very dizzy when you turn your head around to fast. The problem could be associated with Meniere's disease. It's the clogging up of the little hairs in the cochleae. Good news there is treatment for it. Sometimes they have to complete surgery from the inside of the ear and they have to put a swab onto 2 small nerves that causes the noise. The swab is coated in a special antibiotic. Then they close up the micro hole that the surgeon made. The antibiotic dissolves the 2 nerves. How it works I have no idea but someone very close to me had the operation about 9-10 years ago and it cured the severe symptoms that they had. Hope that you get some relief from this problem as soon as possible. Best regards Oldman1952.


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