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Low results on nerve conduction test. Meaning?

I went in today for a NCV, and and EMG. The nvc showed that my nerves in both my legs had a "slower then we like" results. The EMG showed no pinching or cutting into my nerves were happining. He also had me run blood work today also, lyme disease was included.

What could be causing this? I was shocked to hear there was a problem with both legs, since the left foot is the only one that goes numb from standing or walking on it for to long.

Anyone have a low result? I'm a bit more worries now since I left with more questions then answered today.

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Hi DestinyFox, do you have diabetes? How old are you may I ask? Problems with nerve conductivity causes peripheral neuropathy, numbness of the legs, feet and other extremities, pins and needles in your toes and sharp pains going down your legs. It can also happen to the hands, nose and ears. Sometimes there is a condition called Raynaud's syndrome where the hands and feet look dark red to purple affect in colour. The nerves could also affect the way your legs work. You might trip or fall because you do not have feeling that you should have.

One thing I can suggest is to get a pair of gym training shoes. Nothing dear, all they need to be is the next size up to your normal foot size. The reason is that trainers have a very logical and simple shape that stops someone who has peripheral neuropathy tripping on carpets and small steps. With slippers and normal shoes the front of them are flat to the ground, unlike trainers which have rounded toes, so it looks like a letter C around the wrong way.

They will give you a diagnosis soon after they have studied all the tests that they have performed on you. Hope I have clarified your worries into smaller ones and the good news is they can treat the conditions you have described.

Take care of yourself and best regards Oldman1952


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