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I was seen at a pain clinic last month and the consultant suggested a change from gapabentin to pregablin. When I went to my GP to ask for it to be prescribed, they told me that it's a much more expensive medication with no proof that it works much better. I was a bit miffed because what's the point of seeing a consultant who can't decisions? Anyway, GP suggested that I increase my gabapentin because I'm only on a small dose. What is the max dose for pain? I'm still only on 900mg per day. Thank you.

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  • I went from gabapentin to pregabalin and found it was more effective for me :) but each surgery will do what they want to do ... if your consultant writes a letter of recommendation then the Gp has to go with that as consultant out trumps GP. Yes it's more expensive but it's finding what works for you. Pregabalin comes in 75mg 150mg and 300mg all can be taken twice a day... if you have letter stating you need it then you need it

  • I agree with Andy if your consultant has changed it that's what they have to prescribe.ive found pregabalin works better with fewer side effects I take 300mg Am/Pm check with your consultants secretary that they've sent a letter confirming the change.

  • I took pregablin for years. It does work for nerve pain. I had side effects like always thirsty,dry mouth. It is habit forming and woke craving every morning. You may not have any problems with it. Ive been off pregablin now for 2 months and im having a lot more pain. I may go back on it but im gonna wait to talk to my consultant. Im using a tens machine on my lower back at night at the moment

  • I've previously took gabapentin at 1800mg daily but due to side effects stopped them. X

  • Hi there,

    I went from Pregabalin to Gabapentin as the side effects with Pregabalin were killing me I felt like all my joints were seized up and my head was going to explode my doctor changed me over and all of the side effects stopped straight away he told me the main drug in both was the same but Pregabalin was a trade name and Gabapentin was the generic drug name from what I have read it seams most people have worse side effects on the Pregabalin but we are all different and react to the same drug in different ways.

    I do take several different pain killers all the time but for me the main one is dihydrocodeine which I take 120 mg twice a day.

    good luck finding something that works for you.

    Regards Poppy Ann.

  • Hi Crashdoll

    I take 600 mg 3x a day of Gabapentin which I think could be the maximum dose for pain. I too tried Pregabalin twice on separate occasions and couldn't take it for the side effects!. You have got room to increase yours so good luck, hope it helps you. X

  • I took gabapentin and had to change to pregabalin because I have bipolar too and it made me high. OMG though! Pregabalin side effects are much worse including cognitive speech and movement impairment and confusion. My GP researched it and also found out that the side effects never subside with time. It helps my nerve pain and I also take other medications so maybe the severe side effects are due to that. Everyone is different though and yes, if a consultant has prescribed it insist on the GP giving it. They don't like paying for drugs because it comes out of their budget! Good luck!

  • I was on 100mg pregabalin 3 x daily and was asked to go onto 150mg twice daily as this would be cost saving..I agreed..they have been great for my anxiety but I would say that's all...I have just gone through withdrawal from opiates and it has been hell on earth but hopefully coming out the other side now..I was thinking of stopping my pregabalin but have heard withdrawal from these can be just as bad..I just want to go for the more natural remedies out there..anyone tried anything?

  • Hi I replied to the post earlier ... yes I came off morphine and tramadol... hard.. to hell and back but once over the after effects sooo worth it... I have acupuncture now and use voltarol 12... not so good on the nerve pain but diazapem 2mg can help for a couple of days (only its addictive) in the crisis points with anti imflamatories and pain killers... then get back quickly on to naturals like magnesium.. turmeric.. cinnamon but not too much.. magnesium start slow and work up to 400mg... helps pain muscles sleep anxiety, and tryptophan found in pumpkin seeds and turkey breast really helps raise serotonin in the brain helping you to feel less pain, happier and sleep better... always new discoveries out there... worth researching I have found.. good luck..

  • I am not sure it is more expensive. The generic drug is Rewiska. Some GPs are living in the days of Lyrica, not generic and much more expensive.

  • I have fibromyalgia and I am on 300 mg twice a day! I can only take gabapentin once a body did not do well on 600 mg per day. From what I understand your dosage is not the lowest. I hope that this helps you to make a decision.I always like to take the lowest dosage possible,sometimes too many meds make you feel worse!

  • Hi I was on Gabapentin but it made me confused and I didn't feel in control. I changed to Pregablin and I have been fine.

    Everyone is different, just see what suits you. I agree the Consultant must override the GP surely because that is his field.

    Good luck.

  • Hi I was on 900 3 times daily of gabbapentin which is the highest dose I believe it did nothing for pain for me and I had virtually no side pain clinic changed me to pregablin lowest dose to start with and found side effects horrendous and was taken off them.

  • Personally, both of those drugs and Lyrica are all wicked drugs that this world should eliminate. The amount of side effects from those drugs are a sad substitute for a decent medication that will truly help us without causing additional problems.

  • If only they could invent something for us... good on nerve pain but without side effects... perhaps one day... but it does seem for some people the drugs do work without side effects so for now it may be their best choice... they didn't work for me and the side effect were hefty..

  • I respect your opinion, BigBadBack - but if Lyrica were eliminated from this world, then so would I be, as the pain I endured before being prescribed Lyrica was incompatible with life. All I would be able to do is lie in bed, curled up against the pain, which would keep torturing me without a second of reprieve.

  • Agree with you on this one BBB! Well said!😱

  • Hello Crashdoll, Jules here

    I was changed from Gabapentin to Pregablin about 2 maybe 3 years ago. It made a big difference to me.

    From what i can remember i was having side effects and not much effect on pain relief. With the Pregabalin the pain is under control - used with codeine 30mg 4 times a day and paracetamol mixed in if i need it.

    I had spinal injuries 6 years ago and have tried many pills and liquids (and patches!) but the Pregablin, Codine, paracetamol mix works for me.

    Hope its of some help - i would push on to at least try the pregabalin.

    Kind regards



  • The maximum dose of Gabapentin is 3600 daily. This is written in the information in the pack.

    I'm on 2700 and doing ok. Side effects were awful at first, but not too bad now (after 4 months).

  • Hi, That is what I am suppose to take, but sometimes I only take two tablets makes me tired and hard to work. I don't do much for me except makes me tired. Never tried pregablin, not sure how that works. Good luck.

  • I had exactly the same thing... but now I use acupuncture and Voltarol 12 which I find helps a lot... I have sle lupus as well as back damage and spent years on morphine and tramadol... hard to come off but I did... I have found all these stronger pain killers seem to be less effective as time goes on... management is key most of the time I find resourcing with meditation, light exercise and lots of feel good films to get through the flare ups... Everybody is different but also magnesium helps as a supplement with pain and sleep I find.. good luck with weight and pain..

  • First of all, apologies for just copying and posting from my previous message to someone else. It's just that I'm tired, but I still wanted to help you. "My doctor said - and these were his exact words - "Pregabalin is MUCH better than Gabapentin" As for my opinion and my experiences, Pregabalin has many side effects for me - but you might be quite different :-) The only reason I put up with the side effects I endure is that, without Pregabalin, I would not be able to even leave my bed, because of the awful pain. I have whole-body Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS."

  • Hi Crashdoll. The max daily dose is 3600mg so you are a long way from that ATM. I had my pain med review at my Local Pain Management clinic last week and that level was suggested until I have my rescheduled Spinal Cord Stimulation operation. Ben :-)

  • My SCS was the best thing I could do for pain to be tolerable. 300 plus people waiting to be seen for the 1st consult by pain management doctors. All the government rhetoric about opiate overdoses. That is such a bunch of crap. I was on strong narcotics for 10 years and I never had any issues. Don't punish those in pain because of a few bad apples per bushel. People are always looking for a quick high. They should be punished, not legitimate chronic pain sufferers. So maybe the genetic coded pain meds need to make their way to us. Or more pain pumps. I hurt every day. I am only getting worse. Sedentary lifestyles due to pain. And as I stated above, Lyrica, Gabapentin, pregab.... aren't the devil for everyone. But I do know a few poeop personally who had psychotic episodes from Lyrica. Gabapentin caused so many side effects for me I quit taking it. It all comes down to money and if the government put 5% of what it spends on the military into medical research, we wouldn't have all the issues we face for controlling our pain.

  • Hi Cashdoll, how did you get referred to the pain clinic? I might guess it was your GP, yes. So the Pain consultants are normally Anaesthetists and specialise in PAIN. Your consultant has got to send your GP a letter stating his diagnosis and if he prescribes you a pain relief medication that costs £1000 per month then you should be prescribed that medication. Your GP has no right to ignore your pain consultant. I would go back to the surgery and say to them that you would like to make a complaint about the non treatment that your consultant has prescribed and that your GP has not acted on and prescribed the new medication. Gabapentin works slightly different to Pregabalin because it is a slow release medication that disperses in the body at different times so keeping you as free of pain as possible. Talk to the practice manager and tell her/him that your rights as a patient have been ignored. You could also take your case to the family medical practitioners panel. Good luck Oldman1952 Tell us all how you have got on???? !!!!!

    PS This makes me so angry, does your GP come out of the Dark Ages. He/Her is a total Cave man/woman. ggggggrrrrr.

  • i too a while ago changed to Pregabalin but after 10 days, I soon changed back, I had an adverse reaction to it...wont say more...but I'm now taking Duloxetine and trying to wean off the Amitriptyline got down to 1 Amy. and have found a little difference in my level of pain at times during the night...its really awful having to swop and change these pain killers, only to find that the ones you were on, offer more pain relief, I take 3 x 300mg of Gaba 1 in the morning and two at night...the pain clinic don't agree with the two at night but I've found this works better for me, I want my pain relief at night Not during the day when I can, offset my pain with the activities I do during the day, don't get me wrong I'm not running marathons, just trying to get on with life....but its hard..Dont give in trying, and yes keep going back to your Consultant (or ring his/her Secretary ) and GP. Good luck and take care

  • I have on gabapentin now 4 weeks now absolutely rubbish i have got to wean myself off gabapentin the they can put me on pregablin

    A lot of people say pregablin is a lot better and do the job

    Keep at the doctor 😣😣😣😣

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