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Just need to no what this is thanks


Hi I have woke up to day in a lot of pain it starts in my back and comes round my side and to my front on my right side could any one tell me what this is thanks

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Nope. As we are not doctors so can't diagnose from vague symptoms. Hate to say it but you will no doubt get lots of people suggesting what it might be and saying ' oh yes, I had exactly the same, it was ....... (fill in the blank!). But the best thing to do is go to a GP.


It could be a muscle strain but if it persists you should get it checked bt a doctor.

there are so many illness's that have many similar symptoms so you must go to your doctor. i hope that you go to the doctor and that you feel much better soon. love grace.xoxo 🌹

Could be gall bladder

Have you seen a doctor? It might possibly be a kidney infection. I would get checked out

See what I mean? Could be muscle. Could be kidneys. Could be gall bladder. Could be anything 🙄.😂. Go to a doctor!

suzey61 in reply to dtech

Lol. Suzey x

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