Hip Pain :(

So my amazing friend just whacked me into a corner of a trolly which was full of small exam tables. Now I have not only bruised my hip but there is also a lump on my hip which is freaking me out. At the moment I'm sitting and it is hurting but it's far worse when I press the area.

Does anyone think I've broken my hip or something, or is it simply just a bruise caused by the impact. I'm slightly worried and scared as I have no idea what to do and a tremendous amount of homework to do right now but the pain is bothering me.

No idea if this is serious or is just a swelling that will calm down in a few days. :(

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  • Hi we can't tell you that I'm afraid as there are no doctors here. Why not ask your pharmacist what they think? I have found mine to be very helpful. The only other thing you can do is make an appointment to see your doctor if you are worried. x

  • Thank you.

    I believe it was just swelling as the pain has calmed down and only hurts when the sore area is being pressed. Yes, I tend to get worked up about any pain whether minor or major and usually get very worried; hence, the post that was written earlier sounds as though I was very worried.

  • Well that's good news then. Thanks for coming back in and letting us know. x

  • Thank you! :)

  • I can only try and judge by the fact that you managed to sit down and write the message that unless you have a huge pain threshold you have not broken your hip (if by boken you mean fractured), however none of us here are doctors and if you are in a lot of pain you should certainly have it checked out, there are things that can go wrong that dont appear as serious as a fracture but which should still have attention. I hope it is not serious and your discomfort passes soonest.


  • Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I just realised there are no doctors here but when I'm in pain I worry too much and usually tend to self-diagnose myself with many problems. I believe it was just swelling as the pain has calmed down and only hurts when I press the sore area.

  • I still think you should get that painful lump checked, prevention of a problem is always better than a cure. There are a number of things i can think of that could cause a lump in that area, it is important that it is established what it is and then decisions made from there. Please try to get a medical opinion.


  • Yes, good idea. I shall wait until tomorrow to see whether the lump is present and if not I shall immediately seek medical attention. However, currently it is not as visible as before and is calming down. The lump only appeared after the little accident so hopefully, it's nothing to worry about.

    Thank you for your concern though :)

  • We are always concerned about anything that concerns anyone else. I hope tomorrow brings a better day for you, and watch out for friends with trolleys!


  • Aww, that's such a sweet reply.

    Thank you.

    Yes, I can tell they are, everyone here is very sweet and helpful. I hope the same for you too. I really will stay away from any trolleys in school. x

  • I would get it checked out just to be on the safe side it is most likely just bruised. I have a dislocated hip and you know about it 24/7 causes a lot of pain that also goes all down my leg. I would be having word with your friend though, not a very nice friend to be physically hurting you like that. x

  • Yes, I think it's bruised too as if I did have a fracture or dislocated hip, I would probably be in a tremendous amount of pain right now. But thankfully I can sit and walk without discomfort. The pain only occurs when pressure is applied to the area.

    Thank you for your help.

    Hmm...Yes, I will have to give her a stern warning tomorrow.

  • Try putting some bagged ice or another frozen bagged item on the painful area. May help speed up bringing the swelling down. x

  • Thank you! Will do. x

  • No idea what the lump is. Hazard a guess did you hit an area where there are small blood vessels over bone. This can swell up cause a lot of pain for a couple of weeks then go.

    Please check with a doctor.

    Leave the housework for a few days. The swelling will stress tissue if you move around too much.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • Thank you. Yes I did and the lump is gone now, thankfully. It's just bruised now.

    I have to move around in school and home as I'm very busy with lots of homework and school work. It's fine though as now it's just bruised and will hopefully go away soon.

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