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Hi guys.

Well been to the hospital this time they did take 400mls of blood of me like I thought. Good news is my levels are going down slowly. When they first took the blood of me my level was 1325 on going bk today my last reading was 817,a long way to go I know but it's a start. Also my nurse has managed to get me a referal to my local hospital in town. At the moment the one I'm at is about 20 miles away so I have to rely on my son and husband to take me but as they both work is a nightmare. I do drive but with the problems I have driving that 20 mile there ams back I'd be in utter agony, more than usual. Whereas my local hospital is about 7 miles away so can drive myself. Thankfully my son was of from work last week and this. So staying at this one for now until I get transferred. But lucky my son is also of next week also. I must admit I hope I get as nice a nurse at my local hospital as the one I have now. .

Well guys and girls I'm going to go for now. Speak soon. Takecare everybody. Xxx😃

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