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Greetings from Glasgow

My name is Rob and I am a new member of the forum. I live in the Southside of Glasgow and I have a number of long term conditions but chronic back pain, fibromyalgia and Crohn's disease are the conditions which affect me most on a day-to-day basis. I have an interest in equality, human rights and the law. I was studying law before I had to give it up due to my deteriorating health. I use Twitter (@robmcd85), can't promise I'll be interesting!

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Hi Rob

I am a recent newbie to this site myself you may find alot of similar stories to your own on here and a lot of people who have chronic pain with there health problems so you won't feel alone in your quest for answers too your quest I am sure. Good luck with your health problems and welcome to this site x


Hi Rob, chronic back pain and Crohn's are both linked to low or deficient vitamin D, in fact I have read that taking vitamin D3 can turn Crohns around. D3 helped get rid of my lower back pain and other pains almost over night, not saying everyone can, but for me it worked.

For your fibromyalgia ask for a full thyroid panel bloods to be done. I can give you a full list of the bloods needed to be done if need them. My fibromyalgia, all over pains lifted away almost over night once on the right amount of medication. Fibromyalgia is a symptom of both B12 Deficiency and Low Thyroid. Doctors are not good at recognizing B12 Deficiency and low thyroid and many are left un diagnosed and can end up with chronic pains/fibromyalgia.

Even those lucky to be diagnosed, but under treated for Low Thyroid/B12 or both can be left with Chronic pains/ Fibro. (Not saying all fibro is down to Thyroid or B12 as some fibro can never be healed.)

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