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Pains in side of head above the ear

I recently started getting little pains that last a few seconds above my ear at side of my head I saw multiple doctors who said everything is fine had my eyes checked everything is fine I just recently had a baby 12 weeks ago just wondering what cud be causing it can be due to stress and other factors and advice much appreciated thanks

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Hello there

I had to comment on your post.i hope you dont mind.i suffer from fibro and anxiety.i often get pain in my left ear,above the ear and at the side of my head.last month my inner ear swelled up and a small gland popped up like a pea just under my doctor said it was a skin infection and gave me antibiotics.they didnt work as i knew they wouldnt.i have my own theory.i have come to notice that i grit my teeth so hard when im stressed or just busy or concentrating.maybe nearly most of the time actually.i believe that this gritting hard has caused the pains and also tingling in my ear and across the side of my i just wanted to share with you hun in case it may be something similar due to your stress levels increasing.conratulations on the birth of your baby hun i wish you all the best.



Some times in labour little blood vessels can burst. It happened to my sister they do heal . Maybe if no better 3-6 months it might be worth been referred for a ct scan. But generally they would expect more symptoms from u other than just pain

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It might be a good idea for you to visit your GP, I've been getting pains like that for years in my temple and I went to my GP who then refered me to a specialist who say Arteritis and he started me on some amitryptolin too ease the pain. But please go to the go, it might be something and nothing, be wise to check it out.


Sounds like TGN, nerve pain. I was prescribed Tregatol for this. I described it as 'a screwdriver being shoved in my ear' but I would definitely get back to your GP, annoy and remember YOU are the expert of your pain. The GP's can only respond to what you tell them.


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