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Foot pain with pictures

Foot pain with pictures

Hi I didn't really know where to post this but I thought this would be the best place.

I hurt my foot in may last year I missed a step and landed on top of my foot which twisted it round.

I had an x ray when it first happened they said nothing was broken but that there is a cyst from a past trauma. It causes me a lot of pain every single day and I'm on my feet a lot because of my job sometimes for 14.5 hours in a day.

It hurts a lot when walking but when I'm relaxed I get twinges and shooting pains and my foot feels like it might start cramping up.

What do people do for this sort of pain? I have been waiting for an appointment since summer last year and I finally have an appointment next week with trauma and orthopaedic surgery. Has anyone had any experiences on what to expect?

I'm open to having surgery if needed as I can't go on everyday in this pain.

Thanks for reading.


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