Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

From what I've read, there is very limited evidence that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is effective for my condition but I've been offered a free session. I don't think I've got anything to lose. I'm not even sure how many sessions I'll need before I know if it's worth continuing. I'm not against paying for it either. I'm curious if anyone else has had any experience with oxygen therapy and if you'd be willing to share your experiences. Thank you.

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  • Hi - I dont know what your condition is - but i think lack of evidence can mean -no one has looked into it rather than it proving ineffective.

    I have been having it for a year now and am very positive -for myself but also have observed many others who have been with me in the chamber.

    However i would describe the benefits as more ' global' - lessening of symptoms ,general well being, lessening of fatigue - rather than anything directly on pain - but thats me.

    i have a complicated picture of fibro, post meningitis, a meningioma (benign brain tumour) and various auto immune things which mean i have a lot of migraines and headaches - these have definitely lessened.

    I would give it a go - nothing to loose ! i would say one session is not enough to base any opinion on though and prepare to be very tired afterwards. At my centre (an ms centre) there is a schedule where you have to go intensively for a few weeks and then can go once a week or whatever which is what constitutes the 'treatment'.

    It is possibly one of the more bizarre experiences of my life though - weird being in a tardis/diving bell thing with 3 or 4 others for an hour - but I have picked up great tips from other people ob this funny old journey we are all on - I think sometimes i benefit as much from this as the actual oxygen !

    Its not for everyone but i had definitely seen benefit - and no side effects unlike a lot of the meds i have been on ! Go for it - good luck !

  • Thank you for your helpful reply, I'm glad it worked for you and that you didn't have side effects. I'm going to give it a try. :)

  • Great ! Good luck with it - be prepared that it is weird at first !

  • Where do you go for this therapy? and how do I go about trying this treatment please .I have a double Scoliosis (Top and Bottom ) of my Spine ( was born with it at the top along with Arthritis) my Spine is an S shape sideways and I am bent to the right, I also have Osteoarthritis from the Neck down ,I have difficulty getting on my feet in a morning and it is agony trying to stay on them, I use two crutches but they are causing trouble with my shoulders which I have already had replaced. I get very exhausted from the pain which makes me feel sick and ruins my appetite.

  • I'm not sure where you live but if you Google hyperbaric oxygen therapy, there is a website which shows centres in your area.

  • Many thanks I live in Spalding Lincolnshire

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