All alone today...but not feeling alone :)

All alone today...but not feeling alone :)

I'm enjoying editing my images I have been taking over the weeks. I could not be doing this with people around! I hope if you are alone today, you can find something to get on with. Get creative!

I was born with no family so I have got used to it. I now don't have any friends either and that's just because I can't be bothered with them. I did try to meet new people a few weeks ago, but they just made me bored.

I love making art more than people. like me. If you are suffering being alone, remember it does not have to be sad. I'm enjoying this time and so can you. I'm also glad my severe back pain is under control today!

Wishing you the best for 2017!!

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  • Am alone too plus am creatiive plus I have no family or friends as they let u down and only want what is good for them .. Seasons Greetings

  • Hey. I hope you have a cool day. Some friends let you down - not all. I used to like one friend for over 15 years! But, that was then. Being creative is the best. I have so many pics to edit and then I'm going to do some music and maybe paint later. What you going to do?

  • Yes I kinda got in the habit of picking toxic friends .. But now that is all changing as I am making life changes .. I will today do some craft items I need to finish. I too, paint and draw and sing :) I write poetry so will make some of that as well .. Nice to speak to a fellow creative I do say

  • I'm really happy for you. I know what it's like to do your own thing.

    May I ask why you are on 'pain concern'?

  • Yes I spend every day alone so this is other .. I have a chronic condition which affects my back, right hip and leg .. 17 years now .. Ouch .. What about you ?

  • Yes ouch! I have severe lower back pain. I need to take 40 mg Oxycontin each day and 20's on top of that for breakthrough pain. It started two years ago. I have had Physio ect. Same, but if I don;t do it at home - it odes get worse! I'm going to go soon as I'm excited about my project.

    I do hope you have a good pain day.

    I have been eating lots of sweets...heheh. Do you have any good food in?

  • Yes I have some goodies in but again that is normal for me .. It is just another day .. I sure hope u enjoy yourself

  • It's kinda a normal day for me. I have just been shooting so many pics, I have more to edit.

    Thanks for corresponding with me so fast, I have bipolar and it effects how I interact with some people. Have a lovely day and a very happy 2017! (7 a very powerful number :)

  • Wow yes o have that too .. I am on Action for Depression .. Try it out .. I also have GAD and I also love numerology .. Yes 7 is powerful indeed .. Wow .. Nice to talk to you too :)

  • Great that you do photography .. Can you do CD covers ? I want to design my own for when I record

  • I can do lots of art and always happy to help. Email me. Cya.

  • We share a few things it seems. I shall try that that site you talk about. BTW, If you ever want to email me you can:

    Off I go for now.

  • Hey thanks .. I will sure do that .. Blessings to you :)

  • Have a lovely day no matter if you're surrounded or alone. It's all a state of mind and remember YOU are in control of your mind...


  • I think we have both made that clear here :) Happy 2017 to you.

  • Indeed.

    **Note to self, read all replies before commenting** ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • emmm..yeah. I take that note too :)

  • Yes mind over matter .. Seasons Greetings gindy

  • when you have depression one feels alone in a horrid way.

  • Maybe that is how it is for you. For me, when I'm very depressed I need to be alone even more than normal. To heal and rest. I have to take meds that sedate me and I don't look nice on them. My eyes look shocking. I wait out the storm. Get my food at night or at 5am! Sometimes, the pills don't work and then I have to ask for help. I phone the mental health lines. That helps when I'm low. Helps me to stay alive. I hope your feeling better.

  • Hi Jake I'm glad you have something that you totally enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š!! Glad your severe back pain is under control and you're being productive!! I myself used to think I needed people around to not be alone but you know I actually enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š my own company & maybe want another person's company. I find plenty to do all by myself!!. I am disabled by rheumatoid arthritis disease some days I'm feeling like I want to clean up a bit, and am enjoying being in my own skin. However there are plenty of days I wish I didn't have to get out of bed. I'm caring for my one and only daughters 3 sons 2 are in school and then there's Alex 15 or 16 months old and it's really hard to care for him at times. Gets into every single thing in my house. Oh but I love him so . No real biggy but the oldest grandson is a force to be reckoned with he has ADHD, is autistic and super smart, I cannot deal with him if he hasn't had his meds I feel so very horrible even thinking or saying that, I really don't feel like his meds are working for him anymore as his grandma I want the best for him right now I don't think he's getting the proper treatment he is such a bad example for his two younger brothers I'm heart sick about the damage that is being done to his brothers!!! He's so off balance he should go to day treatment or in hospitalization sorry for unloading this on here. Take care and enjoy life

  • Did you get some help for that boy with the bad ADH?

  • Hermes123 I am not completely alone, but my step family find it hard to ever fit me in, the usual cancelled at last minute, see you in the New Year, but i won't hold my breath. I write Poetry: sort of Art work and Photography when my hip allows me. I do know where your coming from, loneliness of the mind is the worst thing ever we just have to work at keeping that space occupied. Jake I wish you the Happiest of New Years to come.

  • I have four spoilt cats - so loneliness never occurs at my place. Particularly when eating! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Spoiling them is not a good life. All in balance.

  • They each have a good, balanced, happy life. Fresh air, snuggles at night, varied healthy diet. Never a worry, for they are truly loved. I hope you are having a good day? Xxxxx

  • Amazing photography!

  • Thanks. I don't enjoy it so much these days. I seem to be very depressed. My meds only do so much. It's all quite sad really. I wish you a good week.

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