Compensation claims - your questions please

Compensation claims - your questions please

Thanks again to those who took part in our poll about compensation claims for chronic pain:

If anyone has a question about taking legal action for compensation that they would like to put to a legal expert, please post below. He won't be able to comment on specifics of a case, but we'll publish some general guidance in Pain Matters magazine.

Thank you!

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  • I have developed progressing Arachnoiditis after quite a few STEROID injections in lower spine..can only sit up about 10 mins. Total per day..neurological symptoms, horrific pain. I told the Pain doctor that the last few steroids were setting me on fire each time, then would calm down after 2-3 weeks, and next to last injection didn't calm down..severe burning. I asked him could I possibly have Arachnoiditis. He said absolutely not; that he would just switch to a different STEROID formula. After he injected me, within 2 weeks I was in debilitating severe burning pain which lasted 6 months and then slowly subsided. Now it is back, with worsening neurological involvement..bladder pressure/burning, pins and needles burning radiation from lower back to front abdominal, down legs, severe spasms.

    Do I have a case against him, as this has RUINED MY LIFE. He gave me around 30-40 injections atleast, in the past 13 years.

    Thank you for any help or information. It is so appreciated.


  • My crps was caused by surgery can I do anything about this ???

  • Hi Littlemole43,

    I've put a general question to the lawyer about compensation claims of those developing pain following a medical procedure, but he's not going to be able to comment on a specific case.

    The Citizens Advice Bureau has some really helpful info on this:

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