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Chest, under arm and stomach pain

Hi I recently had a d&c for retained placenta and I am still getting shooting pains and cramps 6 weeks later. Also under my arms I have had an aching feeling for 2 weeks now which has moved onto my chest and it getting worse. I am getting bad chest pains constantly all day. I have had blood test for a clot which came back negative and all my other blood test come back clear. My heart/ blood pressure and oxygen are all fine. Can anyone help???

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I cannot think what it might be Luvvie ... but I would definitely present myself at A & E

With chest pains I would Not take any chances

Get your dr to do More tests must be worried .. be strong meanwhile And PHONE the doctor

And I hope it's only tiredness and muscle ache



Hi meakin I had d&cs quite a few times and had pains you describe especially arms and chest - when I asked at the hospital (time I had them you were in for a week) I was told it was trapped air that gets into your body during the op but you will find it goes away on its own - but if you aren't convinced then make an appt with GP and let them know what is happening or you could phone the ward you were on and ask their advice if there'd been anything wrong with your heart/chest and it's been happening for two weeks you would have known by now to go to A&E.

Try polo mints as after having a hysterectomy the wind you get with that all over your body - is awful and that's all we could have to relieve it (I say we) as there were a few of us who had op.

Hope this helps and hope you are sorted soon. Take Care 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘


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