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I had an X-Ray which showed mild osteoarthritis of the knee. If it is only mild then why am I in so much pain walking? I originally thought I had damaged a tendon and was sent to a Physiotherapist who said it was a tendon and there was no problem with my joint. However after going back to my GP she sent me for the X-Ray which confirmed arthritis. y GP

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Possibly because you are putting weight on it with walking. What is your knee like pain wise at rest when you wake up after a sleep ?


Thanks. Its the same pain whether walking or resting although obviously a lot worse when walking.


Ps. You could consider symptomatic Acupuncture treatment. Some private Physios do this. Or there may be as the Physio says a tendon problem as well. Can you remember twisting your knee recently, perhaps you had a near fall or tripped, might not have seemed much at the time but you could have pulled something such as cartiledge.


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