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Yesterday, I was due my regular telecon chat with my GP. The format is relaxed and gives me the opportunity to review how things are going,.

20 minutes prior to his call, my system/body decided it was time for a crash/meltdown. My only option is to retreat to bed and await a reboot, which happened after about 2 hours.

My crashes are thankfully infrequent, but are totally disabling, even speech is switched off.

Having no control over these events is so damned annoying, what happened to choice.

All,have a good day.


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Oh, LJ, I am so sorry! But I do understand what you are going through. I just wish I'd seen your post prior to me replying to you on my post.

May I ask what works for you, be it meds, relaxation or anything else?

It's so annoying when you've planned something, only for your body to put a spanner in the works! Did you still manage to get your call from your GP? I hope so...& that you are now at least, as comfortable as you were prior to your body playing up.


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