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Please help me out with this


I received HEPATITIS B VACCINE on my left shoulder almost four years ago; back then I was a regular at GYM- used to lift 100kg without much unease; used to do treadmill walking without getting exhausted; no persistent pain anywhere in the body. Post vaccination, I started experiencing various ACHES AND PAIN - started with left shoulder pain spontaneously (just the left not the right) making me unable to lift even half the weights i.e. 50kg (used to lift 100kg earlier). Thereafter series of unexplained pain started; my toes began to hurt while walking - sometimes left and sometimes right. The pain isn’t there at rest. I am sure it is not

due to shoes, as the pain occurs irrespective of the type of shoes I wear. Following the vaccination, there is also perceivable significant LOSS IN STAMINA; I experience breathlessness in the initial phase of walking on the treadmill - earlier I used to walk on treadmill for quite some time with ease. There is persistent feeling of fatigue; exhaustion which does not alleviate with rest.

There is presence of persistent dry cough which cannot be accounted for. Also, to add on, there is a constant pain that I experience in my LEFT UPPER ABDOMEN in a specific area while I am seated. Hence I feel very uncomfortable whenever I am sitting on a chair or a couch, or in the bus. The pain I perceive is connected to posture and a change in the same eliminates it; which makes me feel that it is muscular in origin. There is absolutely no abdominal pain when I am standing or lying down. No pain medicines have helped so far. I am sure the cause does not lie in the digestive tract i.e. stomach, small intestines or large intestines as I don’t have any indigestion problem... my appetite is just fine, I eat well and at proper times.

To summarise my agony- I was absolutely alright and pain free 4-years ago; before I received the HEPATITIS B VACCINE, used to work out regularly. But now, I am left debilitated, feel tired all the time.

Here are a few citations on the ADVERSE EFFECTS POST HEPATITIS B VACCINATION (all from authentic

sources of medical literature):

Question 1) If my GP doctor diagnoses me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is it still worth seeing a Specialist such as a Rheumatologist or Orthopedic Surgeon? If not, why don't you think a Rheumatologist or Orthopaedic surgeon would help?

Question 2) Should I see a Neurologist as well as one ofthe Specialists above?

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I have symptoms like these and I was a gym freak and a bodybuilder. I'm 22 years old. I actually ended up being diagnosed with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. I suffer from this for 4 months now. To be honest, It kills me every day. Keep it up my man.

Personally I'd suggest seeing a rheumatologist out of all your suggestions first - especially if it is an auto-immune disorder. An endocrinologist might be a good idea.

Has it been 100% confirmed that your symptoms are down to the vaccine - time wise it may have been coincidental...

I don't think an orthopaedic surgeon would see you, and i'm not sure what a neurologist would do with your impression.

If you are in pain I hope you've stopped the weights ?

It might be helpful to summarize in one list your symptoms and what investigations you've had, i.e bloods etc?

You probably need to be seen by a specialist do manages similar cases as it is a very rare, but first to rule out things like fibromyalgia etc..

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