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Thumb and wrist pain

Hi ,I had Carole tunnel surgery in June,all went very well. However my middle thumb joint t was a bit painful,fast forward to now and 3 weeks ago I had a trapezectomy on the right thumb and think I have sprained or pulled the left wrist by over use as can't use right. My left thumb is very painful and the wrist is weak and painful. My concern is if I damaged the work that was done by Carole tunnel surgery, do you think this may be possible

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I think anything is possible with human body and the best place to ask is the Doctor, may be lack of use.

I started working out in the gym not so long ago, trying to reduce the tummy and for two days I couldn't stand up right, lack of use by those muscles.

I would think that once the surgery is healed you should be ok, but the medical guys are the ones to ask.

I missed you on the other site for smoking I seem to get locked out in cyber space so how is that going ?


I don't think you can undo the work done in carpal tunnel surgery because they actually cut thus remove the tight tendon that causes the problems.

As you've got one hand out of action so have had to use the other constantly you may have just over worked it; think repetitive strain injury type thing. Maybe trying the obvious resting, icing & elevating techniques for a while can help? Buying one of those wrist supports that you see in chemists? How long until your 'poorly' hand can be used again - although you could find yourself in the same situation if you start to use that more to rest the other!!



It can be possible it takes weeks to recover fully from any op , carpal tunnel surgery is great however if you have reinjured an area please attend a doc to have it reviewed ie A+E because they can refer you to orthopaedics if this is what's needed . Many ED docs are more specialised than GP's


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