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Sharp pains in left side of brain.

I know it's bad but I've been having these for about a year. They have become increasingly more frequent in the last couple months. I've been feeling off balance and my left eye has started to get a brown spot on it (my eyes are baby blue). I've went to the doctors and they don't have any I allowed to request a cat scan? If not what should I do?

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Also in the last month my heart has been hurting if I lay on my right side. I know there's something wrong but I feel the doctors aren't doing anything to figure it out.


I've been having the exact same issues, but on my right side of head by the temple, and pain in the heart area while lying on my left. I was also having what I called mini seizures, maybe that's why my GP ordered a scan, which was normal. Over the past 18 months the seizures have gone, but I still get the head pain. As for the heart pain, that's completely gone too. I don't know why, but I started treatment for b12 deficiency, 8 weekly injections and daily supplements. Have a look at this, maybe that is the problem as it affects everything. I had lots of other symptoms too though which have reduced since treatment. A b12 level under 500 is deficient, despite what your doctor may say. Better at 1000 to prevent both neurological and cognitive decline. Look at the b12 deficiency websites, lots of information to help you decide.

It may not be your problem but it's just a thought. Good luck.


i started to get pains on the right side of my head and my doctor sent me to the dentist who discovered i was grinding my teeth at night and gave me a gum shieid i also when stressed i was clenching my teeth,now i dont suffer any pains ,guess i was lucky to have such a good doctor,or he had seen the it before


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