Channel 4 Best of Both Worlds

Channel 4 Best of Both Worlds

Hi All,

Hope you're as well as can be!

My name is Winifred and I am a TV Researcher. I myself am a sufferer of Chronic Pain caused by Fibromyalgia.

I am currently working on a property series for Channel 4 called Best of Both Worlds. We are looking for house hunters across the UK who are looking for the perfect balance between the buzz of the city and peacefulness of the countryside. The show is being presented by Lucy Alexander.

I am reaching out to you all as I feel like it would be good to get some diversity on screen. I especially think it would be great to have stories of pain sufferers to raise awareness of how these conditions can affect ones life, mobility and choices. It would be great to show how we have to adapt our home environment to match our needs.

So if you are thinking of moving, have your home on the market or about to put it up for sale get in touch! email the Best of Both Worlds team-



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  • Hi, not moving at present but love the idea of showing how pain means we have to adapt our home/living. I had to re-model my home for downstairs bedroom and ensuite and don't get upstairs much. I also have raised beds and re-designed garden to suit. Good luck with the show.

  • Thank You! I am happy to hear you have managed to adapt your home to help ease the daily struggle chronic pain causes. if you know of any friends or family that are looking to move feel free to pass on the details of the programme. All the best, Winifred

  • Jeeze but you people do not miss a chance in your bloody advertising, I for one think you have a cheek to come on here saying one thing and use the site to drum up business, you make me sick.

  • Somehow I don't feel comfortable with this post.

    Chronic pain at any level is debilitating and can be heartbreaking for loved ones. Turning it into a 'show' will add to their stress and more pain

    Far better to make a serious documentary about how they cope on a daily basis - taking hours to do even the simplest task. Like getting out of bed.

    Sorry chronically sick and disabled people have been ridiculed on too many TV programmes.

    We are in the process of selling our house and moving....2000 miles away to a better life


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