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Can't get in at my GP, got really odd back pain. Anyone recognise these symptoms?

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I'll try to be as accurate as possible about things. Firstly yes I am overweight, but NO I legitimately do not believe it to be the cause. Why?

Before the pain began I was active; walking up to 5 miles without even needing to stop, hiking, camping, I am also a carer for 2 people. I am also currently losing weight and have a history of cancer.

Now? I can't even complete the washing up without having at least 1 'sit down' in the middle of it. This is not weight-related, this is something else, I just don't know what.

Painkillers aren't helping (so could be nerve related)

So please, if you're just going to judge me, and assume that I am fat, lazy and spend my days lying on my back eating cake, please save your energy, thank you. Apologies if this sounds harsh or defensive, but I am SO tired of people dismissing what could be legitimate health problems with 'lol ur fat go for a walk' solutions.

Right, so:

When sitting, I am pain-free with a fully-mobile back. I can twist, bend and stretch with no pain or restriction.

When I stand and move about, the pain begins building slowly and all the lower back muscles tense and seize up to the point I am in crippling agony. This happens over several minutes; worse if I am carrying bags. The pain 99% of the time is on the left, with a very specific 'hot spot' being just to the left of my spine.

The instant I sit down, the pain disappears entirely and I am once again fully mobile. The act of sitting down feels like having a really sore stretch but it vanishes instantly.

I cannot find ANYTHING online about this exact type of pain. It doesn't seem to be spinal but rather muscular or nerve related.

Also on occasion, it's almost like I can't walk properly. Like my step and posture are all out of whack and I can't quite figure out why or how to stop walking weird.

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Hello BillieTheKittyKat and welcome on board.

2 things.

No one here will judge you. The aim of this group is to help and support each other based on our own experiences

We can not do a diagnosis.

You do say you have been on 'pain killers' - from GP or otc?


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Hi pat how's things going hope david is ok and u are well

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Will message you


Have you had a MRI of the lower spine? That should give a diagnosis of any problems coming from L3/4/5 ?

Good luck.

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Yes in the meantime neuromuscular massage therapy, aspirin, loads of vitamins and mineral ionic drops liquid vit e etc best, google mineral manna, get mris go to pain doctor then an orthosurgeon and neurosurgeon for medical views of ur mri disc always ask for ur disc pics to show doctors!!!

Hi BillieTheKittyKat

Welcome to the forum. As Bananas5 rightly says, no on here will judge you as we are all here to support each other.

Just a thought. If you have no other symptoms than pain (I know there is no just with pain!) then my suggestion would be try going to see a chiropractor of some sort. At least for a diagnosis if not treatment.

When I first started getting pain in my lower back that is what I did. I used to see a McTimmoney chiropractor which is a much gentler method than the sort that pull you around every which way.

Gentle hugs,

Hello BillyTheKittyKat

I'm not sure I can be very helpful, as others have said we cannot diagnose but by way of sharing symptoms I would say it doesn't sound like sciatica (sadly from which I've suffered for 2 years now). Sitting makes my pain much worse, often unbearable. I agree your description sounds odd but that's probably not much help.

I just wanted to say I really feel for you, I know what it's like to go from fit and active to mincing about in awful pain at times.

Does your GP not have emergency or available on the day slots? It sounds like you really do need to see your GP quickly.

Best wishes

hi billy,I think you'll find yourself in good company on this forum,I'm sorry to hear that you've had cancer,ultimately perhaps a scan is your first port of call,and with your previous medical history a full mot might be required,nobody on here is here to criticise you,so don't worry about that,getting your health problems is the main priority and if you want to have a moan on this page no one would begrudge you that,especially with what you've had to deal with,perhaps get the ball rolling with an appointment with your GP and see if you can a least get some sort of pain relief whilst your awaiting some sort of tests and then you can hopefully get a little more movement,and those folk who have been getting on at you about your weight have certainly left you with some mental scarring,so even if your feeling down there's people on this site who'll try and keep your spirits up,so good luck and all being well you'll come back to us pain free.

HI everyone, thank you for all your replies ^_^

I managed to persuade them to fit me in on an emergency basis (I threatened to go to A&E and tell them my GP sent me lol), and he does indeed want an MRI. His main thought is a potential compressed disc which may or may not need surgery if that is the case.

Fingers crossed it is just something small!

Hi Billy. Reading your post this sounds like what I have, which is stenosis of the spine. I'm glad that you are now getting an MRI, which is what confirmed my diagnosis. Basically I can't stand or walk for any length of time without being in a lot of pain and having to sit down. We have a half-sized dishwasher and it takes one sit-down in the middle to both fill and empty it! I am not fit any more and I am overweight. I am on a lot of medication for a number of health issues which means that the painkillers I can be on is very limited. I am currently attending the physio who has said that the pain cannot be stopped, but we hope to delay the point at which it starts (??).

The spinal stenosis is where the space in the spine for the spinal cord, nerves, etc is now limited, due to arthritis, and where some of the nerves exit the spinal cord they are "nipped" which is what causes the pain. Sitting down opens up the spinal cord and gives relief. My pain is particularly bad first thing in the morning - do you get that? The surgeon has said that there is nothing he can offer (will that change? I don't know.

I hope you get on OK with your scan and that you are offered something to sort this out.

Ann x

Hi Billie, that sounds very similar to an experience I once had, the description of the pain, how it comes on & what makes it better. After what I call an act of stupidity, I had horrible back pain, increasing as time went on. After X-Rays then an MRI they found 2 "popped" vertebrae which resulted in compression of the disks. I did as instructed with one vertebra healing on its own, the other one required Kyphoplasty, meaning an injection of bone "glue" into the still compressed vertebra.

At first I was hesitant, however the procedure went flawlessly. I liken it to that expanding foam you use to insulate your house, but for bones. They inject that, under anesthesia, it fills in the bone raising it back up and releasing the pressure off the disk. Within in hours after the procedure, I got out of bed able to walk pain free. I was able to get back to my life. Walking a couple miles each day with the dogs. Able to do everyday household tasks without pain as before.

I'm not saying this us what your issue is, but they do sound so similar. It's good you're getting the MRI, that will tell so much. Please keep us posted as to what transpires. Continue to take it easy until then. Nothing, not dishes, house dust, dust bunnies, or anything is worth making you feel worse. Take care.

Idea to check your vitamin B12 and vitamin D blood levels as both can be causes of back problems.

Forgot to add low or deficienct vitamin B12 is linked to nerve problems

Turn to naturals mineral manna, sounds like spinal stenosis possibly neuropathy or disc slip in lumbar???

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