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Looking for a Daily Mail article


There was a very interesting article in the Daily Mail late last year or early this year about a young woman who had stopped taking amitriptyline for nerve pain following years of suffering with endometriosis. She was taking a herbal type supplement that appeared to work wonders. I am trying to trace the article for my Daughter, can anyone please help?

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Have you tried the website for The Daily Mail and searched for Amitriptyline? They may keep archives?

fgear in reply to RAYJAYC

Have. But with no luck. Thanks Anyway

+fgear have you looked up the herb Maca? Or Muira Puama, or Catuaba? Maca is one that seems to treat a wide assortment of issues. It is the root of the plant.

Hi I've just come across your post

A few weeks ago a lady posted about a herbal medicine which she said had done her so much to help with neuropathic pain I seem to recall the name was METANX.I really hope this helps

Regards Bobk

Thanks for your help

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