A hug from an invisible gorilla

At least that what it feels like. Further to my first post moaning about Stabbing and Jerking I have now started to get what I guess are spasms.. (I am never sure... I didn't even recognise contractions when I was in labour..) either side of my mid-spine and ribs its crushing and it stops me in my tracks and all I can manage to vocalise is...well perhaps that's not appropriate to say on here. It's been an interesting day.. starting with visual disturbance while making chilli, you know the bright zig-zags and general sparkly but not in a good way king of way... followed by temple pain and washed down with sharp toothache.. So, again I look to you all for answers, can anyone identify with this delightful new experience? ... the rib crusher not the other migrainey shenanigans.. I hope you are all having a good time of it at the moment.

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  • Hi sorry to hear you are suffering. I get those feelings a lot with my problems. The tight feelings and her king as you say may be muscles spasms . I always feel like my museless are dancing in me it is weird this can be caused by nerves also the tooth ache . If you go the dentist he will tell you the same unless you have a problem the tight squeezing is where you're r muscles are tight and reacting . I see an osteopath for this but it sounds like a nerve problem to me hun see a Dr . Hope this helps xx

  • See an Alexander Teacher. They may be able to help.

  • Thank you for your replies . I'm going to GP on monday.. today has been worse, the spasms are very intense and causing my upper body to twist to the right side.. most annoying. ..and it happened in front of my friends, in public..a lovely lady asked if I was ok.. tad embarrassing.

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