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Chondromalicia Petella

I've had this in my left knee since I was five years old. In 2014 my knee was reconstructed and due too this it's left me in constant pain and with osteoarthritis.

I have recently seen pain management and they have suggested I have a spinal block in L2 L3 and L4. They can't say if it will work as they are unsure if it is actually nerve pain. I'm scared as I know this can be a risky procedure.

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This is the wrong treatment. If the treatment kills the pain it could also enable you to destroy the knee which I do not think you want to do.

Pain in the knee can be due to incorrect body weight being placed on structures in the knee that should not be taking this body weight. You have had surgery and as a result could have developed over contracted muscles which need to be stretched out.

Stretching out over contracted muscles can be a painful process. If you posture and muscle balance is not correct then you will have problems. It is worth having your posture checked by an Alexander Teacher. My experience with physios is they have no idea about spinal reflexes and postural balance. Their regime in many cases is just do this exercise which can be entirely unhelpful if your body balance is incorrect.

Suggest, see an Alexander Teacher for posture and muscle control issues. A yoga teacher to help learn about your muscles. A McTimony Chiropractor to look for muscle micro cramps. A sports therapist to help learning about remedial exercises for the knee.

The above need to be done in parallel. I suspect no one treatment by itself will cure the problem and all treatments may not cure the problem. However they will help you reduce pain and discomfort and give you a better informed choice as to what is the best treatment.

Reflexology may help relax the feet and help a bit.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Galdleothia

I agree with John below. Very wrong proceedure! Check out they have are leading medicine in area. Hopefully they can direct you or link you with a doc in a area than can help you.

Don't give up!! I have the same issue and have zero cartilage in both knees and they saved me.

Hooe you feel better.



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