Does anyone know much about gabapentin? I've just started on this as I was advised that there is evidence to show that recovery post jaw replacement is better for people who have been started on gabapentin pre-surgery. Also, I have neuropathy which is getting worse and I'm awaiting a neurology and pain clinic appointment. Anyway, I googled side effects because it's making so tired and I saw that it only works in about 14% of cases for people with neuropathy. I am now wondering if it's even worth it? I emailed my maxillofacial surgeon but he hasn't got back to me. I won't be able to see my GP for a month or so as work is manic. I don't know if I should ride through the fatigue because it's early days and might help. Any thoughts please?

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  • Iv just started it also and it has made me extremely tired! I am gradually building my dose over 3 weeks as instructed and my doctor had said as my body becomes used to it the tiredness shouldn't be an issue.

    I was the same on my previous meds! 2/3 weeks at the start I was tired and constantly sick but it soon got better 😃

    Wish I could be more help but Iv not long started them myself! And am still in the tired stage to!

    Good luck ☺️😘 xox

  • I would agree- give it time- it takes about 3 wks to get up to speed anyway- so you should give it that much anyway.

    Most of these heavy pain meds have rough side effects , depending on personal reactions- so you may not be better off on anything else.

    Don't be minding what all those nutters on the internet say about anything- they're a bunch of trolls!😈

    Besides , 62.37% of statistics on the internet are made up.


  • Cd

    Work can wait, go see your GP or get a phone appointment, your health comes first.

    Best Wishes


  • Hermes123. Taking it and knowing about Gabapentin are too different things, one can only comment on their own experience. I take 16. 360.mmg a day the maximum amount aloud, one thing they do is put on weight, some people say it makes you want to eat more, but I have found in my case that is not so, I cannot eat a large meal if it is put in front of me! it puts me off my meal, before Gabapentin I was a large eater I mean I like my plate full.

    So there are no easy answers to taking this drug or that one, if it dose not suit you tell your doctor that is so, you might have to change several times but don't give up.

  • Hermes123. Iwas told when I started Gabepentin that I would put on weight too. I haven't, I have lost it and also lost my appetite. I do get tired round about 8.00pm and drop off! I find it helps me and it is the only drug I have taken that does. It makes life just a little more liveable. Letmein

  • Letmein76. I have been on maximum dosage as well as 8. paracetamol and diazipam a day for a number of years now, by 2. pm I tired out of my skin to which I take 1-1/2. to 2. hrs sleep. just sheer exhaustion, but it does little for my pain.

  • Hi, I would never take diazapam it turned my friend,,into a zombie. It can cause the sleepiness. Can you cut it down? Letmein.

  • Hello there, I only take one diazapam just to calm me down from the pain. Hermes123.

  • Wait to see your GP and ask about what happens when you stop taking it. For some people, withdrawal can be a serious nightmare.

  • Hi I have been taking Gabapentin for 6 months for nerve pain following surgery, I was taking 900 mgs per day, for the first 4 months I also felt tired but i didnt mind as I was pain free I called it my ,wonder ' drug and felt really well, however I recently started having side effects from the drug, I felt like my head was shaking and had twitching and jerking movements my GP said unfortunately this was one of the side effects of Gabapentin they are called involuntary movements, but not everyone experiences these side effects, I have been gradually weaning off them for the last month as you cannot stop taking them straight away, I am due to see my GP tomorrow to see what he suggests as I am now once again suffering from pain due to nerve damage,.....but dont be disheartened by my experience keep taking the Gabapentin the tiredness will subside and hopefully you wont have any side effects, best of luck crashdoll xx

  • I have been taking Gabapentin for a number of years now, it was the only drug my stomach did not reject, I have tried many others type of drugs over the years none have agreed with me in so many different ways, there is know magic bullet I wish there was, thanks for your good wishes. Hermes 123.

  • Been to see my GP today referring me to the pain clinic

  • I have been on Gabapentin for the past 3 years for neuropathy in my feet and hands. I now take 2,400mg a day. For me it does take the edge of the pain, but if you forget to take it you soon know about it as the pain comes straight back. I have put quite a bit of weight on through taking it, and it also makes me tired and I have involuntary body jerks.

    I have spoken with the pain consultant at my pain clinic about coming off them because of the weight gain, she said she will put me on amitriptyline instead, but I also take tramadol along with the gabapentin, so she wants me to first come off the tramadol. Not looking forward to it as I have heard the withdrawal effects can be horrendous!

  • Hello, I am taking the same dose of Gabepentin as you and as you say it works but not good f you forget a dose. The pain starts straight away for me. I also take Tramadol but I hate it. It does work for a while but have been on it for 3years now and I top it up with Nurefen at night. Two Tramadol, 240mg Gabepentin and two Nurefen bought from Tesco. I havecArachnoiditis which is extremely painful nerve pain. I have it in my back, legs, feet and now hands. I do fall asleep in the evening if watching tv and do feel tired but it's not so bad now as it was at first. Letmein

  • Hi, I take 2,400mg a day, 3 x 300mg in the morning, 2 x 300mg in the afternoon and another 3 x 300mg at night, each time I also take 100mg tramadol and 2 paracetamol. It doesn't kill all the pain, I only wish it did, just takes the edge off a little. Between the gabapentin and the tramadol I am like a zombie, just so tired all the time, but the thing that has bugged me most of all is the weight gain. I want to come off it but I am also reluctant to as it does work. My neuropathy is from type 2 diabetes and yes it is extremely painful.

  • i agree that it doesn't stop the pain it just takes the edge off it. Always there and my right leg is always causing pain. Funny we take the same dose. I have also been on these for 3 years. I am into my 38th year of this and if I didn't have my lovely family, I would do away with myself. This sounds drastic but you get so sick of never being free of it. My weight is not too awful but that is because I have no taste now and can only eat shall portions. Just not hungry. So still have slim body. Lucky me!!! Keep.smiling. I do try. lLx

  • Thanks for the replies. I shall try to ride it out and see if it eases off and see how I go.

  • Hi there I have been on Gabapentin for as long as I can remember. The way I know it works for me is if I accidently forget to take it before bed. I wake up with my legs on fire and the pins and kneedles make me want to cry. Yes it will make you tired and I had a very dry mouth for the first while. I hope that you are able to stick with it and that it helps to give you some relief.


  • You sound like me! I have fiery pins and needles in my legs and feet. Gabapentin has been my saviour but it just takes the edge off the pain. Letmein

  • Hi Crashdoll, I take 230mg of Gabepentin daily. I started low and built up. I find it works better than anything I gave taken before. Apart from dropping off in the evening in the middle of exciting drama, I have no side effects. To live without it would be too much pain to bear. I have Arachnoiditis. It is like chronic Neurapathic pain when all the nerve ends in my low back, Les, feet and now hands are so painful I feel like jumping off a high bridge. It's horrible. Gabepentin keeps me going and works for me. I started low at 100mg and you build it up slowly until you reach a level where you feel you are in control again. It's worth giving it a go. Letmein

  • Hi crashdoll just wondering how you were today ? Hope it is getting better.


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