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Old and Painful

Hi I am Hermes 123. New to this blogging lark! so bear with me whilst I get started as like most I have had a problematic journey, not one any of us would wish to take by choice, interrupts our lifestyle quality of living so on and so forth. I would like to know if anybody out there has had a really good experience in dealing with there pain and what was it.

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Welcome aboard!

Hopefully you will find us a 'happy' group with a wealth of experience to share.

Everyone's pain is different and how they manage it. Could you give a little more as to what you have?

We can't do diagnosis but can offer what we have found works, or doesn't.


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hi Hermes 123,it sounds like your feeling fed up,and maybe suffering in pain,and guessing your not a youngster? If you went into a few more details maybe people can get the ball rolling in the right direction,there's alot of free advice from fellow sufferers and you'd be amazed how much knowledge is floating around on this health forum,so don't worry about your issues as I expect you can gain an awful lot of information and advice and hopefully you can start your journey to a less painful/depressed way of life,so don't be feeling alone out there as there's always someone trying to help you,so I wish you good luck,and if I see your page in the future and you hit a chord with me I'll try to respond and try to give you a positive response,thanks


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