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Sharp pain above the temple area

I have sudden bursts of sharp pains above my temples on both sides of my head, is this anything I should be worried about?

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Sounds like you grind your teeth in your sleep


could be sinus problems. Best advice is to get it checked out. You will need Ear, nose and throat consultant. They can offer all sorts of operations, you will need to weigh it up if these are offered. For myself once I knew it was sinus I stopped worrying. Unfortunatly it can be anything and that is the problem.


Hi, I have those sort of sudden pains in temple and I had a scan but all fine. I was told it was more than likely caused by the connective tissue being damaged as I have undifferentiated connective tissue disease. I still get strange pains in my head, can be at back and at times around ear. I had come to think It was par for the course really and I don't worry about mine any more. I would tell a dr about yours so you can be checked out though to put your kind at rest.


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