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Can someone tell me how long steroid tablets stay in the system?

Hi All - Happy Sunday!

Had steroid treatment for severe inflammation (widespread OA) and skin rash...only 3 day treatment 4 tabs a day but feel better in bones and colleagues say have been a bit 'high'...erratic and? happier.....just wondered how long others have noticed any symptoms like these....

Bea x

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Prednisolone only lasts in your body 18-36 hours, so not long at all. The beneficial effects can last a whole lot longer though, depending on what it has worked on. For example if it is knocking back chronic inflammation, then the good effect will last until you have another flare of inflammation. You can definitely get a bit buzzy and high on steroids, but that will get back to normal very quickly once you stop them.

For what its worth, I find I can get up to three months dramatically relieved symptoms from a week long course of steroids.

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Hi earthwitch! Thanks for pleased to hear that you can get up to 3 months relief of symptoms..have had steroid injections in the past which worked well although hate the actual procedure...and did notice was relatively pain free right up until the exact 12 week period finished. I never had the tablets before but would recommend Prednisolone as a short term fix as my bones and inflammation do seem much better. Hope you have a good day...raining here!


This is a wake up call. You need to get more information from your colleagues. Some drugs can cause mental instability. This is different for everyone. You don't want to lose your job due to lack of performance or wrong judgement.

Tell your work colleagues you have suspicions that your medication may be causing a problem and you need to give your doctor sensible information to get the right drug for your condition.

Someone I know ended up in a mental ward because of the medical prescription for pain that they had been given.

Hope this helps.