SI JOINT Fusion surgery

I've had another huge flare up with my SI JOINTS and have been in hospital for 15 nights now. I'm hoping physios pass me fit to go home today (Sunday) . After following @deejames story I've now seen Mr Campton at the Nuffield hospital and he's agreed to refer me for the si joint fusion surgery. I've to see him tomorrow at his NHS clinic in the yorkhill ACH to go over the process again and get added to the list. He will only fix one side at a time with the second surgery being done around 8 weeks after the first. This will mean a while in a wheelchair as I won't be allowed to weight bare for another 6 weeks.

If it wasn't for this site and #deejames in particular I'd never have found this surgeon as quickly as I did.

I'll update when I get dates for surgery but right now I just want home to my children and husband.

Wishing you all a pain free day.

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  • Hi Sweetfa22

    I can only empathise with you regarding pain, being in hospital and desperately wanting to go home!

    I too have problems with my SI joints and message Dee from time to time. Nobody can appreciate what the pain is like unless they've had it themselves; I hope the hospital staff are treating you with the respect you deserve and not seeing you as just a 'pain' patient?! I've had mixed experience of being an inpatient for my back issues; some nurses & doctors being kind & acknowledging the major discomfort and some being downright rude!! 😡

    Hope you get some kind of resolution to this.......

    All the best


  • Wonderful to know that you're able to have the surgery. I tore my SI ligaments 23 yrs ago - helped considerably by craniosacral therapy - but arthritis and then fibro have since taken over so I know the kind of pain you're going through.

    Please keep us up to date with your progress, Sweetfa22.

    Gentle hugs. xxx

  • Glad it's all going ahead so quickly sweetfall. The second 8 weeks after the first ? Wow. Of course you are used to a wheelchair so it won't be such a disruption. At the moment I couldn't contemplate going through it again as I am finding life on crutches exceedingly hard. I still can't lie on my back as the incision site is still painful. But it's only just over 3 weeks.

    Any idea when the surgery could be ? I took a long time as I had to go through lots of tests. Even after the pre op check it was 12 weeks.

    I'm excited for you as you have really been suffering. Keep the posts ( and messages) coming so we know how you are progressing.


  • Hi dee. Glad you're on the mend. What tests did you have to have?. I'm seeing him at the yorkhill ACH which I presume is the new queen Elizabeth Hospital?

    He did mention surgery could be 6-12 weeks though. He also mentioned something about 120 xray being done during surgery and a ct the next day to check placement etc. Did you have all this?

    Hope you're still taking it easy

  • Hi, I had my SI Joint fused on the right hand side on the 15th of July and I was on my feet (using crutches) by the next day - I was off crutches just 3 weeks after the surgery was completed! Now, a month or so on - I don't experience any pain and am about to have my final check up!

    I really hope that the fusion surgery works as well for you as it did for me!!! And I hope that it gets sorted quickly!

    Good Luck and keep us updated!!

  • That sounds amazing. What type of fusion did you have and where was it done? My consultant has told me I can't weight bare for 6 weeks at all so how did you manage so quickly? Glad your pain has gone

  • I had 3 titanium bars put into the joint (think it's called iFuse) under general anaesthetic - I was told from the offset that the aim was to get me up walking and going along stairs (with crutches) before I left the hospital! Lots of rest breaks and I wasn't allowed to be up for long periods but yeah 3 weeks and I was fully weight baring! Maybe talk to your consultant?

  • That's the surgery I'm getting too. Where did you have the surgery and how long were you in hospital. My consultant said no weight baring as the rods could move even minutely

  • I had the surgery under Dr A Thomas at Spire Clare Park in Farnham - I was only in hospital for surgery over night; I went in at about 7am on the Friday and left at about 11am on Saturday! During my post op he felt to see if he could feel any changes and the lack of pain showed there hadn't been any movement - having my X-ray to check on Thursday but they think it's safe to say it's all in place!

  • That's fantastic. I sincerely hope my recovery is as quick as yours

  • My fingers are crossed for you!!

  • Oh sorry I didn't read on.


  • Wow Katie. What kind of fusion did you have ? I have 6 weeks of no weight bearing then 6 weeks half weight. Surely it can't be the same procedure. Mine is something called Sibone surgery. 3 titanium rods placed with minimally invasive surgery using a camera.

    Please do tell me / us about how you have got on. I am 3 weeks into the recovery phase and quite worried that it won't work or only work for a short while as I have been warned that could happen.

    So details please about the where and the how. If you don't mind


  • I had S1, L4 and L5 fused 10 years ago, yes recovery is painful and lengthy but it's one of the best things I ever had done. From the moment I woke up after the surgery there was less pain, and I've been able too lead a normal life again. Good luck and hang on in there xx

  • Thank you for your experience. Glad you're pain free x

  • It's the leg/ankle pain that's hellish for me. I'm due to go in for fusion on Thursday. Just 2 screws; no mention of rods?? Am I a freak re leg pain being worse than back??? Thanks.

  • You're not a freak. I can't say I've experience of leg/ankle pain but I can assure you pelvic pain is horrific as when it flares up you can't weight bare at all.

    I hope your surgery goes well and leaves you in a better place. Good luck x

  • Thank you x

  • Well I had my consultation yesterday with Mr Campton and after further discussion he's booked me in for a preop in 3 weeks with a view to carrying out the surgery in November or Dec. He said it will definitely be done before Christmas. Ten weeks later he hopes to operate on the left side and do the same procedure. He did explain that with surgery/recovery/physio that I'm in for a hellish year. As long as I get a better quality of life back at the end of it then it'll all be worth it. With your support I'll get there. Thanks

  • Ps deejames he gave a little smile when i mentioned I'd been speaking with you. He hopes you're recovering well x

  • Hi Sweetfa

    It will be painful for you after the surgery but am delighted that so much can be done these days! You will be in my thoughts and prayers and i wish you a full recovery



  • Thank you so much

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