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Chronic spasms and hand cramps

Hi, I've had pain in my hand for awhile, and I've talked to a Dr. About it before but she didn't seem too concerned about it. I thought maybe I was just overreacting so I haven't really talked to her since about it. Now I'm looking for a new primary care doctor and my hand has gotten worse. I've had other issues with pain so I just felt like it was in my head. But its gotten so bad that my hand cramps and spasms to the point where my thumb will form into a claw and I won't be able to move it or use it and its gotten more and more painful. Its only in my left hand, and primary in my thumb/ and pointer finger. Its weird because I'm mostly right handed. I thought it was maybe because I was dehydrated but I've tested that, and its not that. I'm also 26. I've had issues with my white blood cell counts and low iron but I take vitamins daily now. I know I need to find a Dr. But should I be concerned?

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I think you have carpel tunnel or so me arthritic condition. I am waiting for an op on both my hands. Ask for an X-ray and go from there. Please keep in touch.


Have you had an MRI of your neck 'cervical spine' .... Have you ever had any kind of back problems in the past... not to worry it's possible you may have irritated tissues around a nerve causing pain and numbness but don;t jump to have surgery esp if you are over 50

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Are you using a computer mouse? Worth seeing a McTimony chiropractor to see if you have any micro cramps to act as triggers for the condition. The chiropractor can also give an opinion to take to the GP.

You should be concerned as this could be a hint of muscle control problems. This needs further investigation. There may be no cure, but there may be useful information a GP could help you get to help keep the problem under control.

A sports therapist may be helpful.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you everyone. I use a computer pretty regularly and I also use a game controller at times. I've had a neck injury in the past from swimming but it was so long ago.

I'lldefinitely get a doctor and talk to them soon or go to urgent care because it's getting pretty bad to the point its scary.

I get weird spasms before my hand starts cramping I can see the spasms In my hand and thumb. And then my hand will start tingling and hurt and I'll start losing control of my thumb. It doesn't happen often but it's starting to happen a lot more often then it did.


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