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Inconsistency in treatment for similar conditions

Hi fellow pain sufferers! Reading these blogs of similar conditions dose one wonder why they are such wide and varied treatments, by GPs, Consultants and the medical profession as a whole. In all my years of pain problems I have never been offered a bone density test, when I think about it I find that really weird. Drugs we know are a whole different ball game, what suits one person dose not necessary suit another person, I also feel there is an ages gap in treatment, as I belong to a senior citizen club.

When I talk to younger people they say have you been offered so and so treatment, you reply the Consultant said it is to dangerous, you ask how did you find the procedure, reply fine best thing I ever had done. is it because we are all being tarred with the same brush, as discussion are never held as a person's medical or physical state. What do others feel about Inconsistency of treatment? Have a pain free day.

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