Fed up with the pain

I've been in daily constant pain since the end of May 2016 initially being treated for a torn left hamstring. When the pain wasn't easing after 10 weeks I was sent for an MRI scan. I got the results 4 weeks ago and have been told I have Bursitis of my left hip and Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. I've been on every painkiller imaginable but nothing is even touching the pain. The doctor hasn't even explained to me what CRPS is. I had to go to A&E last week I was i so much pain but they turned me away saying there wasn't anything they could do and to go back to my GP!! I'm now waiting for a physio appointment which is in another 2 weeks time. I'm at a total loss!!

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  • See a massage specialist. It is possible that you have an over contracted muscle. This can quite painful. Over contracted muscles need to stretched. The stretching can be a painful process and take several weeks.

  • Hi kazzrobaby so sorry about your pain troubles I suffer chronic pain in my back and getting people to understand the pain is frustrating I'm on gabapentin and amytryptiline and it dosent touch the pain either hang in there kiddo x

  • I have been suffering from chronic pain since 2008. It is in my lower back pelvis both legs and feet but I have numbness in my left leg most of the time. I know that it's hard to deal with and takes time to get your head around. You need to be seen by your local pain management team as they can help you understand what pain is and how to cope with it. They can also offer different medication that may help you and they're advise other things to help you to cope. I'm afraid to say that you may never be completely pain free but you do learn to manage things in a better way. I understand that this is possibly not what you want to hear but I think it's better to be honest and if you need someone to talk to don't be afraid to ask as many people on this forum can offer advice as they have experienced living with pain for a long time. Hope it helps and life can continue even when your in pain.

  • Hi I have Bursitis of my Left Hip for years, even after a hip replacement.

    It is hard to live with that pain, I have had cortizone shots, Lydacaine patches, so much else. You will have good days and bad. I had to cut back my intake of salt which helped and have some safe from the doctor you can rub on and it helps with the swelling. Tens machine use to help me before the implant. I was wondering if I had the CRPS because I am in pain most of the time, but I have joint disfunction and deterioration, and arthritis really bad. So Good Luck.

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