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Help - Pain Scale Info



Hoping someone can help, I read a post but can't remember if here or over I the Fibro community (I'll post there too) and someone has posted a link to what the NHS mean by each number on the 1-10 pain scale & my GP is useless and seems to think I'm either making it all up or depressed so at least if I know what he expects from each number I may be able to drop my guard and 'public face' that unless you know me hides so well what's going on! so that he can see it is very much real.

Hope someone can direct me to the post.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Hidden

Not sure if this is the specific link you are referring to but is the scale I'm aware of in relation to Fibromyalgia, one of my conditions. I'm guessing the same scale applies whatever your condition.

I found it on a website I'm subscribed to (Pro Health) but can't give you the original link as it contains adverts. This however is a downloadable document from that website which I hope is of from admins point of view.

If it doesn't work or get past the admin rules then please feel free to PM me.

As far as your doctor is concerned though, he is probably the one person you don't need to put a public face on for, and probably shouldn't. Just be honest and open with him about your pain, but don't exaggerate or that won't help him or you.

Gentle hugs,

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Thanks for that, it's not the one I'm looking for but makes interesting reading, going by that one I'm at an 8 on my meds as my base level! Then there is the joy of flare ups on top of that.

The one I'm searching for was blue and white with the NHS logo at the top and the post was something along the lines of what the doctors don't want you to know.

Thanks again

Gentle hugs in return

hi im not very good at posting links but if you go to google and type in pain scale there are a few differnent ones that come up as i'v just tried this. good luck love grace xoxoxo

Hi - the main thing about these scales in general is that they are unique to yourself. It is a guide for your Pain Team to measure progress in your treatment. So - if you are a 9 today and they change your med and you come back with a 3 , then that tells them something about the new treatment. It's very subjective and personal.

My scale would be different to yours , depending on our respective pain thresholds. Eg - my 9 could be your 4 !

(Some women claim thats why men don't have babies! They wouldn't be able to hack it!😠😅)

Hope that clears it up. You are a unique Human Bean.

And as above poster said-- be truthful with your Dr- if you're "fine" then they take you at your word.



No pain team, just an unhelpful GP! I know everyone could give a different number for the same amount of pain and frankly think it's useless for this very reason. It's just this one was the definitions that the NHS gives and thought it may help if I apply their scale to my pain - although not certain anything will get through to this particular GP. I've tried googling it but no joy, maybe I dreamt it?!

I hope this is of some help to you - it describes what each number actually means x


Hi wen2016

It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but it seems to have pretty much the same information so thank you for the link. I'm going to try a different GP and see if I can get any further with them.

Fingers crossed

This is the pain scale I use (Mankoski Pain Scale) :

I print out the page, then tell the doctor what number my pain is and give them the page so they can see how it relates on the scale.


Thanks earthwitch that's probably a better idea, find a scale that works and give them a copy think I'll do that.

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How did you get on?

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